Workstation Cloud

Workstation Cloud is a turnkey all-cloud solution for high performance 3D Graphics workloads.  The Workstation Cloud leverages the Azure N-Series instances which are powered by NVIDIA GPUs, enabling customers to run GPU-accelerated workloads, workstations and applications in the cloud or in the datacenter. The Workstations run in available Azure regions across the world.

End users can access these workstations from anywhere using any device.

Workspot provides a single platform to quickly  provision virtual workstations for new employees/contractors. There are zero CapEx outlays – no upfront investments or hardware refreshes. Users are also always on the latest, greatest hardware, so IT doesn’t have to worry about upgrading workstations every 3 years.

Download the Workstation Cloud Solution Brief and find out how to deploy GPU workstations on Azure in a day!

Workspot Desktop Cloud - Windows 10 on Azure


“We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot”
Andy Knauf, CIO, Mead & Hunt

 Stack of Wood

Challenges with Physical Workstations

Whether users (designers, engineers, creative professionals etc.) are working on 2D/3D models, collaborating with the BIM partners, editing a video or visualizing seismic data in real-time, they all require large amounts of processing power as they work with resource-hungry graphics applications such as Petrel, CATIA, AutoCAD, Revit, Ansys, SOLIDWORKS, and Adobe Premiere.

Users are tied to their workstations with data stored locally. There is no remote access to the workstation or data. These physical deployments are difficult to scale, hinder collaboration and the high upfront CapEx requirements make the solutions inflexible.