XenApp 6.5 End of Life is Almost Here

Right now, many organizations are weighing their options for migrating from XenApp 6.5. It’s a major decision that is fraught with complications. Built in 1997, XenApp 6.5’s Independent Management Architecture (IMA) was made for another era when most infrastructures ran on-premises and most applications were Windows client-server. A lot has changed since then.

Don’t migrate to another legacy on-premises architecture

When Citrix released Flexible Management Architecture (FMA) in 2011 it ported XenApp 7.x over, effectively leaving XenApp 6.5 customers behind. Today, there is only one Citrix option for XenApp 6.5 customers: Rip-and-replace your existing IMA architecture with FMA. Not happy with the Citrix plan? Alternatively, you can migrate to VMware Horizon App – another expensive rip-and-replace option.

In either scenario, you are looking at 6-9 months of running a PoC, sizing, testing, and then finally deploying to initial users. During that period, you’ll have to spend considerable time and money on additional licenses + components, as well as re-training your IT staff on the new infrastructure.

And you will have migrated to another legacy on-premises solution.



Enterprise Class Deployment in a Day

Workspot’s cloud-first architecture dramatically reduces your deployment time. You can have an enterprise class deployment in a day that includes desktops, apps, and data. The cloud architecture enables you to instantly scale when you are ready. We will help you transform from a legacy on-premises architecture to a solution that enables you to take advantage of the cloud and Azure.


Your users will love our workspace client

Workspace is built into the Workspot client. IT can add new apps into the workspace with 1 click, and a few seconds later end users can access their new apps. In that same screen, IT can configure both VPN access, as well as the type of Single Sign On used by the application. There is nothing extra to install, configure or manage.

Because the Workspot client bundles in a VPN and SSO capabilities, end users can access all applications – including custom web apps, packaged web apps, SaaS, HTML5, CIFS, and Windows client server apps – seamlessly from any device whether they’re inside or outside the corporate network.

Access fine-grained big data analytics

The Workspot client sends near real-time data about performance, usage, availability, and end user behavior to the cloud. This data enables IT to not only understand the actual end user experience, but also to monitor changes before they become a problem. Plus, it has a built-in DLP engine.


Get the XenApp 6.5 Migration Guide

Migrating from a 20-year-old infrastructure could be a huge undertaking. Or you could chose Workspot and be done in a day. Learn how easy migration can be. Download our 3 Step Guide for Migrating from Citrix XenApp 6.5 to Workspot today.