As enterprise cloud-first initiatives go mainstream, CIOs must prioritize the most expedient route to cloud computing value. After struggling with physical PCs and legacy VDI, the allure of cloud desktops is growing, but not all cloud desktop solutions are equal. Solution architectures determine whether you can achieve your goals. Here we compare legacy Broker-as-a-Service solutions, otherwise known as “do-it-yourself cloud desktops.”

Each approach to virtual desktops requires different levels of investment, and each has an architectural foundation that determines its capabilities.

Turnkey or Do-it-yourself cloud desktops?

CIOs with cloud-first initiatives want to get out of the infrastructure business so they can focus resources on core competencies. Broker-as-a-Service solutions in the cloud still require you to manage complex infrastructure, which requires advanced IT skill sets, exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. It’s time for a turnkey cloud desktop solution you don’t have to worry about.

Turnkey. Enterprise ready. No-surprises pricing.

Workspot is one of only two truly turnkey cloud desktop solutions. Meeting enterprise requirements for security and customization isn’t easy, but that’s where we excel. We’ve replaced all the complexity of virtual desktop infrastructure with a cloud-native desktop service. Flat-rate pricing offers you predictability.

Compare the Workspot Cloud Desktop Fabric to Legacy Broker-as-a-Service Solutions

A turnkey service is how you simplify IT. Outstanding performance is how you keep users happy and productive. Single pane of glass management give you a global view of what’s happening plus robust reporting so you’re in front of any issues. Enterprise customizability means you use your existing management tools and processes, so there’s no crazy learning curve for your team. And in a disaster, you can have one-click activation of standby desktops to get the business back up and running fast.

It’s the underlying architecture that makes all of these capabilities possible. No other vendor has it, and using outdated legacy architecture in the cloud doesn’t change anything – the same performance and scalability issues remain. Simply put – they can’t do what we do.

Cloud Desktop Fabric Innovation is the Difference

Workspot has completely reinvented virtual desktop infrastructure through a cloud-native, globally distributed architecture built for the cloud era. Today, VDI is a massively scalable turnkey, cloud VDI service made possible by the innovations in Workspot’s Global Desktop Fabric™. Each layer of the fabric is fully managed through a single pane of glass, eliminating complexity. The ability to spin up new cloud desktops and workstations in any Azure region globally, on-demand, brings new levels of flexibility and agility that fuels business growth.

Enterprise Use Cases for Cloud VDI

Workspot Cloud VDI was built to exceed enterprise requirements for customization and security, while meeting the unique needs of users across the organization. IT teams looking for Windows VDI will find the solution they need with Workspot on Microsoft Azure.

Learn how Workspot cloud desktops deliver new levels of agility to the business to fuel growth.

Learn how Workspot cloud workstations make real-time collaboration easy so power-user productivity soars.