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Forget Everything You Know About VDI! Workspot is Different.

The data center era is over. We’ve entered the low-latency era, marked by dozens of public cloud regions that offer you massive scale. Workspot is an enterprise-class SaaS solution for virtual desktops that eliminates VDI complexity. Deliver low-latency cloud PCs from any Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud region to users anywhere in the world with all-day performance your end users will love.

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Deploy in Days, Scale in Minutes

Our turnkey, enterprise-ready cloud PC platform is simple to deploy and simple to scale.

All-Day Productivity

Workspot’s low-latency cloud PCs deliver exceptional all-day performance that keeps every user happy.

Simple to Operate

We take the responsibility for upgrades and the business SLA of your cloud PCs.

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Low latency drives unparalleled performance

VDI is ineffective for distributed organizations because it was designed for a single data center, and its high costs and complexity make it prohibitive to deploy in multiple locations. As a result, remote users suffer slow performance that kills productivity. With Workspot, you can easily place each cloud PC in the cloud region nearest the user – usually within 50 ms latency. We proved amazing performance for the toughest workload – manipulating complex 3D images. Even the most demanding designers and engineers love the performance, and task and knowledge workers do too!

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Rebecca Yu conducted a side-by-side performance test: Workspot compared to her deskside workstation. Here’s what she discovered.

“During our rollout, there wasn’t a single roadblock I put up that the Workspot team could not handle. It’s like they are part of our team.”
– Tom Merkle, Director of IT

Turnkey. Simple to deploy, scale & operate

Simplicity is the hallmark of our turnkey cloud PC platform. Today, we are meeting complex enterprise requirements to deliver thousands of cloud PCs in any cloud region, globally. Of course, technology plays a big role in balancing simplicity with enterprise-readiness – our architecture makes that possible – and our expert Customer Success Team ensures your initial and ongoing success.

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Engineered for the global enterprise

As an IT leader, you need be able to optimize the virtual desktop solution to use your images, security policies, MFA, and more. You want to avoid disrupting your existing IT tools and processes because you don’t have time for re-training. Workspot cloud PCs were built specifically for complex enterprise requirements and are customizable to meet your unique needs.

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Israel Sumano’s vision for high-performance computing led him to Workspot & prepared this $1B MEP company well for remote working.
Workspot’s real-time Network Operations Center gives us real-time visibility into every user’s connectivity and alerts IT to issues.

Let us help drive your business SLA

We are responsible for your cloud PC SLA, but we do much more. Workspot’s Network Operations Center gives us unified, real-time visibility into every Workspot user globally. We can quickly identify potential issues, such as connectivity, performance, or password errors so we can proactively alert IT, ensure end user uptime, and support business SLA excellence. Comprehensive backup and multi-region disaster recovery capabilities further enhance your business continuity and compliance requirements.

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Augment Zero Trust Security

Cloud PCs will improve your company’s information security posture. We made ground-breaking architectural decisions that make our cloud desktops more secure than any virtual desktop solution available today. We started by separating the control and data plane – no other solution does this, and it has massive implications for security. We have also implemented a customizable behavioral events stream that allows you to see the data your organization needs to ensure secure and compliant operations.

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The modern way to work: Choose the best device for the end user and connect to Workspot Cloud PCs from anywhere.

Built from the ground up for hybrid, multi-cloud and edge

In the public cloud era, every organization now has access to dozens of data centers all over the world. With Workspot, you can leverage global cloud regions of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to place desktops and applications closest to the users who need them, fueling your business agility.

With the emergence of 5G and edge computing, latency will decrease further, enabling a range of new cloud computing use cases.

We built the Workspot Cloud Desktop Fabric™ from the ground up to help you easily distribute and manage virtual desktops within your existing data centers, the globally-distributed public cloud, or both. When you’re ready, we can take you all the way to the edge.

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