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Why Workspot

An Insanely Simple Turnkey Service

It’s time you had a no-hassle virtual app and desktop cloud service you can feel good about! Deploy secure Windows 10 virtual desktops on Azure in a day and slash OpEx too!

Flat Rate Subscription Pricing

You’ll love our “no-surprises” subscription pricing. Get virtual desktops and apps with a flat monthly fee that includes Azure costs, support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Free Deployment Services

Your success is our top priority, so for us, making boatloads of money on deployment services is just wrong. We’ll get you live fast – for free.

No Risk Engagement Model

Shared risk is fair. If you’re unhappy during the first 30 days of deployment, you can cancel the contract at zero cost to you.

Built Exclusively for Azure

Microsoft Azure is the best public cloud for Windows workloads, so we’ve tightly integrated our cloud desktop, app and workstation solutions with Azure.

Cloud Native Advantage

The Workspot Desktop Cloud is a modern, multi-tenant solution that scales infinitely. Easily manage virtual desktops across Azure regions using a single pane of glass.

Workspot Introduction and Customer Success Stories

Workspot Introduction

Houston Eye Associates

Chaitons LLP

Workspot Products

Workstation Cloud

High Performance GPUs

Desktop Cloud

Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

App Cloud

Migrate from XenApp 6.5

Hybrid Deployments

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Workspot Blogs

In my role as Workspot’s Chief Sales Officer, I speak with CIOs across many industries every day as we seek to understand the challenges they are having around aligning IT infrastructure with business goals. For many years, there’s been lots of talk about “business alignment”, becoming a “data-driven enterprise”, and “digital transformation”, but the execution around these initiatives has been anything but straightforward. However, in just the last year I’ve witnessed some pretty amazing changes, and the twists and turns in the road to digital transformation are yielding to a much more easily navigable expressway to success. What’s driving this dramatic change?

There are so many compelling reasons why I joined Workspot; I want to share a few more with you this week. In my blog last week I discussed the changing dynamics of the Deskop-as-a-Service (DaaS) market that have resulted in Amazon WorkSpaces becoming the revenue leader, the challenges of solution complexity faced by legacy incumbents, and why a cloud-native architecture is essential. In this blog I’ll discuss the challenges around on-boarding and support, and I’ll explore the critical enterprise requirements that customers should consider in their journey to the Desktop Cloud.

I am super excited to join the Workspot team as Chief Customer Officer. I’ve known friend and CEO Amitabh Sinha as a customer and colleague for over ten years and known the Workspot team for over five years, keenly observing the evolution of their disruptive technology. The experience and insights I have gained over twenty plus years as a customer and vendor of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and RDSH (Remote Desktop Session Host) solutions has led me to the conclusion that Workspot on Microsoft Azure is the future. In this two-part blog series, I’d like to share some of my insights with you.

The AEC software and services market is growing 

Analysts who follow the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) market generally agree that it has recovered from the downturn of a few years ago and is poised for significant growth, especially in the U.S. and a few western European countries. To ride the tailwind of this recovery, AEC firms must ensure their technology stack delivers greater efficiencies and enables better information sharing so they can achieve a competitive advantage.

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