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Flat Rate Pricing

There's no need to worry about fluctuating Azure costs. Get virtual desktops, workstations and apps with a flat monthly fee that includes Azure costs, support, maintenance, and upgrades.

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Virtual PCs running on data center class hardware in the region of Azure closest to the users (<25 ms). Experience better performance than your physical PC!

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Whether you need 100s or 1,000s of virtual PCs in Azure, we’re ready. Use Your Windows 10 image, security policies and AD.

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The no-hassle PC in the Cloud service. Deploy Windows 10 PCs in Azure in days!

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Microsoft Azure is the best public cloud for Windows workloads: Windows 10 public cloud licensing, Office 365 runs in Azure, Skype & Teams best on Windows 10.

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Workspot Introduction and Customer Success Stories

Workspot Introduction

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There’s nothing I like better than talking with IT leaders as they evaluate or re-evaluate their IT infrastructure and consider their options for virtual desktops. It’s one of the things I enjoyed most about the many years I spent in Executive Briefing Centers all over the world discussing the benefits of virtual desktops. All too many times, however, those benefits were elusive for customers. Today, it’s really gratifying to be able to address the pain that IT organizations are experiencing when trying to manage physical PCs or grappling with the cost and complexity of legacy VDI solutions. We're finally able to deliver on the promise of VDI by not delivering VDI. Workspot makes it way easier by delivering PC in the Cloud, instead. So I'd like to share some pretty interesting conversations I've had this week with companies across 3 different industries in case it's helpful to you as you go through your own technology evaluations and refreshes. The primary themes that emerged from this week's conversations were: The desire to “get out of the infrastructure business”, the need “to improve VDI performance”, and how to “implement disaster recovery as a managed service”. Are these challenges important to you too? 

With so many CIOs emptying their on-premises data centers, traditional VDI is on its way out too, and for good reason: It's complex, costly, and performs poorly. That means you really have two choices: you can buy physical PCs, and you can buy PCs in the cloud. Depending on the use case, one or the other will make more sense. Since you're already well-acquainted with physical PCs, let's take a deep dive into cloud PCs. In my blog last week, we explored "Why Every Business Needs a PC In The Cloud Solution", but we barely touched on the "What". Ok - so we made our case for why you need it, but what exactly is "it"? 

There are nearly 600 million physical PCs being used in businesses around the world. And even though IT teams have spent a couple of decades creating processes and tools to make buying, provisioning, securing, managing, fixing, and upgrading PCs easier, these organizations still face numerous challenges dealing with them.

What's the formula for PC in the Cloud success? Well, if you're pressed for time, you can skip right to the punchline in the last paragraph. If you have a few minutes though, we're going to get real about virtual desktop performance, and there's nothing more real than a customer's experience.  

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