Why Workspot?

It’s as simple as buying a PC

Cloud desktops deliver simplicity. Deploy fast on the only turnkey virtual desktop service on Azure. Scale up on-demand. Flat pricing includes Azure, go-live services, standard support, 99.95% SLA.

Edge of the Cloud deployment

Cloud desktops deliver agility. Deploy them globally, from a single pane of glass, to the edge of any of the 50+ Azure regions. Cloud desktops can be located within 25ms latency of most users worldwide!

Better Performance than Physical PC

Cloud desktops deliver speed. Virtual PCs run on data center-class hardware in the Azure region closest to users, typically less than 25 ms away. Experience better performance than your physical PC!

Manage like your enterprise desktop

Cloud desktops deliver manageability. Your rules apply! Use your custom Windows 10 image, GPOs, MFA. Your existing systems management tools, such as SCCM, work seamlessly too.

Workspot Introduction and Customer Success Stories

Mead & Hunt

Houston Eye Associates

Chaitons LLP

Trusted by Cloud-First Organizations, Globally

Workspot Products

Workstation Cloud

High-Performance GPUs in Azure

Desktop Cloud

Windows 10 PCs in Azure

Disaster Recovery Cloud

One-click PC Disaster Recovery in Azure

App Cloud

Windows Client-Server Apps in Azure

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Connect with us and learn how we spin up Enterprise-Ready Windows 10 PCs in Azure! We can share the details on our architecture and how you can deploy Windows apps and desktops in any of the Azure regions and on-premises using a single pane of glass. We can also share how our customers are enjoying our Flat Rate Subscription Pricing and Free Deployment Services.


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