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Why Workspot

An Insanely Simple Turnkey Service

It’s time you had a no-hassle virtual app and desktop cloud service you can feel good about! Deploy secure Windows 10 virtual desktops on Azure in a day and slash OpEx too!

Flat Rate Pricing

You’ll love our “no-surprises” subscription pricing. Get virtual desktops and apps with a flat monthly fee that includes Azure costs, support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Free Deployment Services

Your success is our top priority, so for us, making boatloads of money on deployment services is just wrong. We’ll get you live fast – for free.

No Risk Engagement

Shared risk is fair. If you’re unhappy during the first 30 days of deployment, you can cancel the contract at zero cost to you.

Built Exclusively for Azure

Microsoft Azure is the best public cloud for Windows workloads, so we’ve tightly integrated our cloud desktop, app and workstation solutions with Azure.

Cloud Native Advantage

The Workspot Desktop Cloud is a modern, multi-tenant solution that scales infinitely. Easily manage virtual desktops across Azure regions using a single pane of glass.

Workspot Introduction and Customer Success Stories

Workspot Introduction

Houston Eye Associates

Chaitons LLP

Workspot Products

Workstation Cloud: High Performance GPUs
Desktop Cloud: Windows 10 Virtual Desktops
App Cloud: Migrate from XenApp 6.5
Hybrid Deployments: In Azure and On-Prem

Workspot Blogs

Do you consider yourself risk averse or a risk taker? Done any bull riding lately? How about free-climbing? Or hang gliding? These are three of the most dangerous sports in the world. If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, there's no doubt you're a risk taker when it comes to sports activities. If we're talking about financial investments, it's probably good to have a healthy balance of both. But when we're talking about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) for that matter, IT teams should not have to be risk takers. You shouldn't have to spend tons of money on licenses, infrastructure and consultants and then wait around for months and wonder whether or not the solution will work, or whether you'll see any ROI. Well now, those days are over, because now when it comes to VDI, you can be risk averse. Now, there's Workspot.

Over the years we've often talked about the innovation Workspot has brought to the world of virtual desktops. We've come a really long way from the days of complex, expensive, on-premises virtual desktop and app solutions that take months to deploy, cost a fortune and show disappointing results. There's no doubt that Workspot has a "secret sauce" for which no other vendor has a recipe, but it goes way beyond technology. Here's a hint: there's 4 primary ingredients. 

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the VDI era about a decade ago.  When I worked at Citrix and took over the XenDesktop product team in 2009, we began building massive innovation into the product, including the HDX protocol, the new FMA architecture, and the new management consoles – Studio and Director. During this time we saw huge growth for XenDesktop, and by the time I left Citrix it had become the market leader.

Did you make any resolutions for 2018?  The most common New Year’s resolutions don’t seem to change much year to year: “Eat healthy”, “exercise more” and “save more money” usually top the list. They’re all great choices, but many people just can’t stick to it – we get busy, and we get lazy, and sometimes we just revert back to the way we’ve always done things because change is hard. Well, Workspot is here to help you achieve any or all of these top resolutions in 2018! Let’s change things up!


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