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Flat Rate Pricing

There's no need to worry about fluctuating Azure costs. Get virtual desktops, workstations and apps with a flat monthly fee that includes Azure costs, support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Better Performance than Physical PC

Virtual PCs running on data center class hardware in the region of Azure closest to the users (<25 ms). Experience better performance than your physical PC!

Enterprise-Ready PC in the Cloud

Whether you need 100s or 1,000s of virtual PCs in Azure, we’re ready. Use Your Windows 10 image, security policies and AD.

Insanely Simple Service

The no-hassle PC in the Cloud service. Deploy Windows 10 PCs in Azure in days!

Built Exclusively for Azure

Microsoft Azure is the best public cloud for Windows workloads: Windows 10 public cloud licensing, Office 365 runs in Azure, Skype & Teams best on Windows 10.

Free Deployment Services

Your success is our top priority. Our dedicated Customer Success team will get you live fast – for free!

Workspot Introduction and Customer Success Stories

Workspot Introduction

Houston Eye Associates

Chaitons LLP

Workspot Products

Workstation Cloud

High-Performance GPUs in Azure

Desktop Cloud

Windows 10 PCs in Azure

Disaster Recovery Cloud

One-click PC Disaster Recovery in Azure

App Cloud

Windows Client-Server Apps in Azure

Workspot Blogs

Since joining Workspot, I have had the unique opportunity to talk to many production-deployed cloud customers. In this post, I'll share some key insights derived from many great conversations with IT and business leaders who are on their journey to the cloud. I'm honored that so many great thinkers felt free to share their concerns and beliefs so we could openly discuss them. What I am finding is that once they understand how we achieve cloud PC performance that is often better than physical PCs, some of the top concerns that arise include reliability, availability and disaster recovery of the desktop infrastructure. Here's how some of those conversations unfolded and why they're important for your cloud journey.

Microsoft announced a new Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service on Microsoft Azure last week, and as one of the leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), Workspot announced Day 1 support for WVD. We achieved our CSP designation more than a year ago, and we have continued to deepen our engagement with Microsoft product, technology and field teams as we help companies make the move to Azure. Microsoft recently awarded us the 2018 US Partner Award for Partner Seller, underscoring our innovative use of Microsoft technology and our proven ability to make our joint customers successful.

Against that backdrop and with so much experience delivering virtual desktops from Azure, I'd like to share the top 6 reasons why we believe Azure is the best platform for Windows virtual desktops. 

We've seen many compelling announcements emanating from Microsoft Ignite this week. One measure of the significance of where Microsoft is headed can be seen in the jump in their stock price! Another measure is the resonance with what customers want. Windows 10 first became available 18 months ago on Azure, and Workspot was there on day 1, working with thought leaders to deploy cloud PCs on any of the Azure regions around the world. Today, with so many organizations going to the cloud, it's very clear that one of the things customers really want is a Cloud PC service. That's why Workspot is excited to announce day 1 support for Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft's new cloud-hosted service that delivers virtual desktops and apps. 

Comfortable. At ease. Relaxed. You’ll never see those words among the qualifications for a great IT leader. The relentless change in technology and business keeps everyone on their toes, and great IT leaders are right there on the front lines questioning everything so they can continually improve. Chief among these questions is “How can technology make us more efficient?”; “How can it make us more profitable?”; “How can we better manage expenses?”

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