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For Rapid Ransomware Recovery, Here’s A Winning Strategy from Workspot and Morro Data

For security and risk management teams, the world is a scary place. Ransomware attacks have relentlessly and increasingly victimized organizations of all sizes, with no relief in sight. These assaults pose substantial risks in the form of financial losses, reputation damage, and regulatory penalties. Sophos’ analysis in its “The State of Ransomware 2022” report states that ransomware attacks are becoming more commonplace, with an astounding 66% of businesses affected in 2021. Because of the unrelenting threat, businesses need to adopt a proactive and thorough approach to ransomware recovery in addition to prevention measures.

In this blog, I’ll discuss how businesses can improve their cybersecurity posture, maintain business continuity, and reduce the impact of inevitable ransomware attacks by leveraging the powerful combination of Workspot’s intelligent desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) platform and Morro Data’s secure file sync and share solution.

In the event of a business disruption, including a ransomware attack, Workspot’s innovative end-user computing solution enables rapid deployment and restoration of virtual desktops across multiple public clouds and geographies, considerably reducing the considerable downtime associated with ransomware mitigation while also easing the operational burden on IT. Complementing Workspot’s unique recovery capabilities is Morro Data’s solution. It combines sophisticated data encryption, real-time synchronization, and versioning capabilities, offering a powerful defense against ransomware attacks and making restoring data easy. Together, these technologies provide a powerful defensive and offensive strategy for combating the growing threat ransomware poses. This strategy allows businesses to protect their digital assets and continue operations without interruption.

Workspot: Powering Your Business Continuity with Modern Virtual Desktops

Workspot invented a completely new architecture for delivering virtual desktops and apps in the cloud era, so organizations can rapidly deploy virtual desktops on major cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform, in their on-premises data center, or any combination of cloud and on-prem infrastructure by leveraging Workspot, businesses can enjoy the following benefits in the context of ransomware recovery:

  • Rapid recovery and restoration: Workspot enables enterprises to quickly restore and redeploy virtual desktops in the case of a ransomware attack – usually within one hour of the attack. This enables employees to resume work with minimal interruption, which benefits both the organization and the employees. Businesses can fulfill their RTO targets efficiently and limit the overall impact on their operations by significantly reducing the recovery time after an attack.


  • Enhanced security: Ransomware assaults are less likely to be successful when they encounter the extensive security features and protocols inherent to the Workspot platform and cloud provider infrastructure. This makes it less likely that ransomware would encrypt users’ files and hold them hostage.


  • Scalability: Workspot enables organizations to extend their infrastructure on-demand, which is especially helpful for firms recovering from an attack and needing to restore access to vital systems and data quickly. Instant, global scalability is a key feature of Workspot’s solution.



Morro Data: Secure and Efficient File Sync and Share Solution

Morro Data provides enterprises with a file sync and share solution that is both secure and efficient. This solution is meant to enhance efforts to recover from ransomware. By integrating Morro Data into your existing IT infrastructure, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits, which will help improve your ransomware recovery strategy:


  • Real-time file synchronization: Morro Data allows real-time file synchronization, guaranteeing that your data will remain up-to-date and accessible even amid a ransomware assault. This functionality facilitates quicker recovery and reduces the amount of time spent offline.


  • Data versioning and snapshot capabilities: Morro Data’s powerful file versioning and snapshot features are essential in recovering from ransomware. In the event of an attack, these functionalities enable organizations to revert to a previous version of their data that was not impacted by the ransomware, which helps to mitigate the adverse effects of the attack. Compared to traditional snapshots, Morro File Versioning can recover to the very last file version before a ransomware attack, indicated as version 3 below. In contrast, a snapshot can only recover to version 1.

  • Advanced file synchronization with data security: Morro Data uses advanced data encryption while syncing files to on-premises and cloud locations in real time. Role-based and ACL access controls are implemented to ensure that only authorized users can access data. This provides additional protection against ransomware and other types of cyber threats.


  • Security monitoring: Morro Data has advanced security monitoring features that can quickly identify and respond to potential security threats in real-time. System administrators can configure alerts to detect anomalous bulk operations and implement preset responses, such as immediate shutdown, to mitigate the risk of a security breach.


  • Multicloud Redundancy: Morro Data’s Multicloud Redundancy ensures that your files remain accessible and synchronized across multiple sites, even if one provider experiences downtime. You can customize the access priority of each provider with their Multicloud policy, optimizing operational efficiencies and reducing the risk of data breaches.


Workspot and Morro Data Complementary Solution

The ransomware recovery capabilities of your organization can be considerably improved by integrating Workspot and Morro Data into its IT architecture. Businesses can mitigate the negative effects of ransomware attacks and assure a speedier return to regular operations if they utilize cloud computing services such as Workspot’s intelligent DaaS platform and Morro Data’s secure file sync and share solution. This winning combination of innovative technology protects organizations against ransomware attacks and strengthens their commitment to cybersecurity and business continuity.