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Not Happy with Your Current VDI Provider? Now is the time to move to Workspot!

By Dan O’Farrell, Workspot VP of Product Marketing


Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current VDI provider? Perhaps you’re facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • looking to improve the performance, management, and observability of your on-prem virtual apps and desktops?
  • dealing with too many non-productive, dissatisfied end-users?
  • coming up to a renewal and looking for a more friendly and flexible alternative?
  • forced to pay luxury tax?
  • looking at inflexible contract terms?
  • paying for functionality you are not using or cannot use?
  • getting less support or losing service and support altogether?
  • not big enough to move to the cloud?
  • suddenly facing a new account relationship with another company?
  • needing to purchase a 3rd party monitoring/DEX tool to gain proper insight into your VDI?
  • feeling a lack of focus and attention from your current provider?

If any of the above points ring familiar, I suggest you give Workspot a look. For your VDI using on-premises VMs, there is no better solution than Workspot’s enterprise VDI platform engineered for simplicity. Powerful yet easy to manage, no other VDI solution offers greater end-user performance, reliability, and in-depth IT understanding via deep observability tools than Workspot. And Workspot’s VDI is not held back by top-heavy, expensive VDI solutions that are not designed for efficient, seamless migration to the cloud when you’re ready for that.

Above and beyond the architectural limitations of traditional VDI approaches, other factors are now creating massive uncertainty around customer relationships, pricing, service & support, and company focus on customers. At Workspot, our lone purpose is to delight our customers with the best end-to-end enterprise VDI platform for on-premises and hybrid VDI using any cloud of your choice, anywhere in the world, all managed by a single, unified management and control console.

So ……. What do you have to lose? We offer an easy process to see a demo and if you like what you see, take a risk-free test drive of Workspot’s VDI on a small initial subset of your own traffic. I’m confident you will like what you see!

Want to learn more? Download a copy of our new asset, Embrace the Future of VDI, and find out how you can quickly make your end-users much happier while your VDI life gets much easier!