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The Unified Digital Workplace Platform

Dan O’Farrell, Workspot VP of Product Marketing


Workspot has been long known as an end user computing (EUC) leader in secure, high-performance, and easily managed delivery of virtual apps and desktops to end-users. What may not be so well known as that the Workspot SaaS platform is actually a unified digital workplace that unifies virtual desktops (VDI), virtual apps, and web applications (secure browser) with management, control, and observability from a single unified console.

There is currently a big PC security problem. Over the last decade, even as the spending on cybersecurity has increased to $300B annually, the number of cyberattacks and losses have increased even faster. Windows PCs and the browser are the two biggest attack vectors for an organization. As a result, there have been multiple categories of cybersecurity created to secure Windows PCs:

  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to manage PCs
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide secure access for remote users
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware technologies to protect the PC
  • Secure Web Gateways (SWG) to protect access to the web
  • Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB) to manage and protect SaaS applications
  • Zero Trust Networking Architecture (ZTNA) to provide a zero-trust secure access for remote users
  • Secure Information Event Management (SIEM) to capture and analyze events across the enterprise
  • Extrusion Detection & Response (XDR) to prevent the enterprise from malware

It’s time to re-think our approach. We need to explore zero trust options to centralize the operating system for better security (VDI) or eliminate Windows (Secure Browser).  An enterprise desktop, mostly Windows, is used to deliver three different kinds of applications to end users:

  • Windows apps
  • Private web apps – These are custom applications written by the enterprise for a specific business need
  • SaaS apps​

In order to deliver these desktops and apps onto any device, an enterprise has three use cases: ​

  • Web apps only​
  • Web and Windows apps​
  • Windows or Linux desktops

The Workspot Unified Digital Workplace platform is the first cloud-native SaaS offering designed from the ground-up to deliver a unified, secure digital workplace.

This comprehensive approach to managing all your potential use cases and end-user needs, while retaining full IT management and control, boasts a large array of advantages when it comes to:

  • Deep observability for great end-user digital experiences (DEX)
  • Operational streamlining and simplicity, with many fewer components to manage
  • Maximizing IT staffing and resources
  • Agility as more workloads move to the cloud, while many stay on-prem
  • Solution fragmentation – no need to cobble together solutions from many point-vendors
  • Security and control – all use cases managed by policy from one console
  • Cost optimization and savings

IT teams must keep a widely distributed workforce with a wide range of use cases addressed by VDI, virtual apps, and web apps secure, productive, and satisfied, while operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. There are multiple companies that have point solutions for VDI, virtual apps, or web apps via a secure browser, but the world needs a unified, powerful, and easily managed solution that gives IT the required security and control from a single console while offering all end-users the freedom and flexibility to optimize their work styles with their lifestyles. Workspot has that today in our Unified Digital Workplace Platform, and you can learn much more by downloading our new brief, The Workspot Unified Digital Workplace Platform https://go.workspot.com/WS-UDW.