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Workspot Cloud Workstation Customers Will Share Their Stories at Autodesk University 2020

We’re looking forward to participating in the upcoming Autodesk University Digital Event beginning November 17. Hopefully your Autodesk users have already registered to attend; this global event is free of charge this year, so be sure to take advantage of all the great content and advice available. You can find more information here. Here’s where you can find us and our cloud workstation customers at Autodesk University 2020:

11/17 – 11/20: Workspot Virtual Booth

11/17 1PM Pacific: Webinar: Customer Success Stories: Microsoft and Mead & Hunt – Register!

11/18 10AM Pacific: CIO Town Hall: Cloud GPU Workstations Driving Higher Productivity at Home

11/19 9:30AM Pacific:  Webinar: Customer Success Stories: Microsoft and C&S Companies- Register!

In a recent blog we talked about the importance of selecting technology that brings flexibility to the business. Having flexibility means that the business can more easily adapt to a dynamic business environment, respond quickly to new opportunities, avoid business disruptions, and keep people productive and happy. That’s a powerful formula for success.

Cloud Workstations for User Freedom

“I had a huge list of why Workspot was not going to work, and now I absolutely love it.”

“For those who use Civil 3D, drawing synchronization is lightning fast.”

“Our users are seeing the benefit of Workspot and our company is benefitting as well.”

Unfortunately for organizations with a heavy reliance on CAD applications, workstations are anything but flexible. Whether a design/build firm, an aircraft manufacturer or life sciences product developer, for decades engineers and designers have largely been stuck at the office using high-powered GPU workstations to perform their work. It’s a rigid workstyle that actually stymies business growth because project teams are less able to collaborate effectively – everything takes too long. As a CAD user, you’ve undoubtedly experienced long wait times while designs render or designs are uploaded/downloaded. You may have even had another team member accidentally overwrite your latest changes. All these wait-times (and wasted time!) add up to frustration for sure. Even worse, the business sees reduced productivity that hits the bottom line.

  • What if you could work anywhere with the same or even better performance than when you’re in the office?
  • What if you could collaborate in real time across project teams, both within your company and among partners?
  • What if you could use a lightweight device and take it anywhere?

When you’re free to be productive anytime, no matter where you are located, and when you don’t have to think about the technology you’re using – because it just works – that’s when you have complete freedom to create. Power users love their Workspot cloud workstations! It’s easy to schedule a demo so you can see it for yourself!

Cloud Workstations for Business Innovation

“Workspot gives you the same experience you’d have off a high-powered workstation or laptop in your office.”

“Workspot is readily available no matter where our users are, is very responsive, fast and as if they were working on their own desktop in the office.”

Now IT teams can choose an end user computing solution that delivers strategic value to every stakeholder. Virtual desktops have never been a good solution for CAD users, because latency makes the performance unacceptable. But now power-user performance concerns are off the table. Power users love the performance of cloud workstations, and IT teams and the business stand to reap huge benefits by trading in physical workstations for cloud workstations.

  • What if you could put an end to duplicating huge data sets across office locations?
  • What if you could better secure sensitive IP?
  • What if the business could reclaim wasted time waiting for large files to be uploaded/downloaded and increase productivity?
  • What if project teams could work from a single dataset, and collaborate in real time?
  • What if you could hire the best people anywhere in the world?
  • What if your users were happy using low cost endpoints, and could take them anywhere?

With so many opportunities for greater efficiency, improved security, cost savings, and productivity increases, it may be time for you to move to the cloud! Moving corporate data to the public cloud and placing cloud workstations in the cloud region closest to every user gives your organization the ultimate flexibility to reduce workstation lifecycle overhead, better protect sensitive data, support remote work, hire the best people anywhere, and pursue new business opportunities, no matter where they arise.

Ready to learn more about why our cloud workstation customers love the solution? Cloud workstations are a great move now – find out more.  Schedule a demo and we’ll show you what’s possible now. Hoping to catch you at Autodesk University 2020! Don’t forget to register for free!