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Workspot VDI for Financial Services

Dan O’Farrell, Workspot VP of Product Marketing


VDI has been a popular solution within financial services firms like commercial and retail banks, investment firms, and insurance companies for over a decade. That’s not surprising given the security, data protection, and flexible work models that VDI supports. However, legacy VDI approaches are now falling short due to their decades-old architectural approaches, management complexity, costly infrastructure requirements, and sub-par performance given the huge growth of remote/hybrid work and cloud migration initiatives.

For those financial firms looking for relief from the restrictions of traditional VDI solutions, Workspot offers a modern, cloud-native enterprise VDI platform that delivers all the benefits of VDI and much more, without the drawbacks of legacy VDI. With a cloud-native control plane designed for today’s hybrid multi-cloud world, an insanely simple control console, and built-in observability that helps provide great digital experiences (DEX) for end-users, Workspot can propel financial organizations into a new world of VDI designed and built for the cloud, but also great for all your existing on-prem virtual apps and desktops.

Learn more in the new Modern VDI for Financial Services here https://go.workspot.com/WS-FinancialServices.