The Era of Low-Latency Infrastructure

The public cloud is transformative. Where a company might struggle to build, operate and maintain one or two datacenters on premises, every company now has access to dozens of data centers across the world. This highly connected but distributed infrastructure creates new possibilities for end user computing.

Most on-premises software, such as databases, SAP, and legacy VDI, was designed for scalability within one data center, and organizations struggled to replicate a second instance in another part of the world. Workspot was designed to take advantage of the global public cloud. We enable companies to distribute their virtual desktops to be as close to the end user as possible.

Low-Latency Cloud Desktops Deliver Blazing Fast Performance

From a single pane of glass, Workspot customers can deploy cloud desktops and workstations to dozens of public cloud regions – even across multiple clouds. Workspot places the cloud desktop at the edge of the cloud, in the region closest to the end-user, reducing latency to less than 50 ms – almost imperceptible – creating great cloud desktop performance and user experience.

And in the future with 5G, sub-5ms latency deployments will be possible at the edge, creating the opportunity for many additional use cases

Workspot’s Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform delivers exceptional performance today and
prepares enterprises to take advantage of emerging technology.
Users access their cloud desktops without traversing the control plane, reducing latency and improving security.

Fundamental Innovation: Control/ Data Plane Separation

Workspot recognized that to build a virtual desktop solution that could truly take advantage of the cloud’s global scale, we needed to separate the control plane from the data plane – a concept introduced by networking innovators such as Meraki and Nicira (read more about the comparison in our blog).

In Workspot’s Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform, the data plane runs in each region in the customer’s cloud instance. The data plane inherits the characteristics of the environment, including the customer’s:

  • Unique corporate image and applications
  • Corporate authentication and MFA
  • Security stack
  • Tools like SCCM or Intune
  • Corporate processes

The control plane spans all Workspot cloud desktop instances, allowing IT to control their entire virtual desktop deployment from a single pane of glass.

The Workspot Desktop Control Fabric™

Built on this foundation of a separate control/data plane, the Workspot Desktop Control Fabric™ architecture overlays the global public cloud, and enables IT to provision and manage hundreds or thousands of cloud desktops in one or dozens of cloud regions around the globe. IT can easily scale to deliver desktops with many unique images and heterogeneous security requirements. The Workspot Desktop Control Fabric solves the vertical and horizontal scaling issues IT teams face when provisioning virtual desktops.

Key benefits of Workspot’s innovative architecture include:

  1. Respond to business opportunities with fast & easy horizontal scalability
  2. Customer data never crosses the control plane, supporting Zero Trust Security
  3. Global cloud desktop management via a single pane of glass dramatically simplifies IT
  4. Cloud desktops placed in the closest cloud region deliver phenomenal performance
The Workspot Desktop Control Fabric is a massive
innovation for end user computing.

Executive Brief: Performance Comparison:
On-Premises VDI v. Workspot Cloud Desktops

Download the brief for more details about the “new math”
of VDI performance.