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Your Success is Our Success

Customer success is everything; we measure our success on yours, and that makes all the difference. Our world-class Customer Success Team has years of deep experience in all aspects of virtual desktop deployment in the public cloud. With our customer-centric, white-glove methodology, we’ll have your cloud desktops up and running fast and then continue to work side-by-side with your IT team to meet your unique requirements. It’s an ongoing journey we take together to address your end-user computing needs.

Workspot innovation goes way beyond the technology; we innovated the business model too, and that’s good news for customers… Watch now.

“I can honestly say in almost 25 years of working in this industry I have never worked with a more professional and customer-focused company than Workspot.“

Fast Time-to-Value

When we brought massive innovation to virtual desktops, we reinvented the business model too. Many virtual desktop vendors and consulting companies charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for consulting services to deploy virtual desktops. It’s expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Workspot is different. Our Go Live Deployment Services, conducted by our world-class Customer Success Team, are included in your Workspot subscription. That’s because our commitment is to prove the value of our solution to ensure your success. Engaging with us is easy, which allows your team to focus on what matters most to your business. It’s that simple. We have a proven methodology to create the blueprint for your success; it defines your success milestones and then guides the deployment stages, so your IT team knows exactly what to expect.

Your Workspot team consists of a Program Manager, a Cloud Architect, and Customer Success Engineers who have a deep understanding of your business goals. They stay with you every step of the way.

Ongoing Digital Transformation

Workspot is more than just a desktop in the cloud. There are many vendors that can spin up a cloud desktop, but there aren’t many that stick around to help you achieve the business outcomes you’re seeking. Our partnership with customers runs deep. Your Workspot champions take a white-glove approach to perform all the necessary deployment services: Overall project management, configuration, knowledge transfer, documentation, and training. There’s no 72-page “how-to” manual, and there’s no infrastructure for you to install.

After deploying your initial use case, we help you examine the business to identify additional use cases that can take your business to new places. Digital transformation is an ongoing process, and we’re in it with you for the long term.


Continuous Product Innovation

Because we invented the cloud desktop technology and we also run the SaaS platform, every customer encounter is a learning experience that is fed back into product innovation.

Innovation begins with the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Control Fabric™, the architecture that has changed everything about the way virtual desktops are deployed and managed. We’re able to monitor real-time data via our Network Operations Center (NOC), allowing us to identify new opportunities for automation and simplification within the platform. We’re also able to take quick action to mitigate any issues that may arise, whether or not the problem originates with Workspot. If an issue arises that we were not able to proactively address, we take a hard look at how we can evolve the platform to provide even better visibility.

As our team works closely with you to achieve your business goals, ideas for new features naturally happen. Your Workspot champions in Customer Success and Customer Support have a direct line into Product Development to raise customer requirements, and that drives innovation for all our customers!

Our continuous learning engine generates innovation for our customers.

“The support by the Workspot technical teams is top notch. Always responsive with a useful answer. Always ready to jump in and help. Never once did I feel like my questions were beneath them. Always happy to jump in and work together to resolve issues.“

“Workspot has been wonderful to work with. Fast support response, regular check ins, and they are on board in helping us create new ways for us to do business.”

Holistic Problem Resolution

We’ve all experienced the finger pointing that can happen when multiple vendors are involved in a technology implementation. That’s simply not in our DNA. And when a problem arises that goes beyond Workspot’s platform, it can be tricky for you to navigate the support resources of the large cloud providers.

Whether your issue is with your cloud provider, your Windows image, MFA, networking etc… our Customer Support Team will be there with you to find the right resources to help, ask the right questions, and facilitate resolution. Our close relationships with the Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud teams afford us the ability to escalate issues appropriately for faster response. We’re in it together!

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