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Workspot Virtual Desktops and Apps on Microsoft Azure

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Why Workspot Cloud PCs on Microsoft Azure?

Most organizations are considering cloud PCs because of the compelling business benefits that can be achieved. For organizations that span the country or the globe, flexibility and horizontal scalability across cloud regions is paramount for end user computing. The best way to modernize IT and achieve fast, high ROI is to place cloud desktops, apps and GPU cloud workstations close to your users in any Microsoft Azure cloud region worldwide.  This is how to unlock the full potential of your organization and get the benefit of anywhere, anytime productivity.

There are several approaches to moving desktop workloads to Microsoft Azure, including Azure Virtual Desktop®, Windows 365 and the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ SaaS platform. The requirements for supporting your use cases, as well as the availability and skill-sets of your IT resources, should drive the approach you select.

Since 2017, Workspot has been delivering cloud PCs from Azure to end users in organizations around the world. Our strong partnership with Microsoft is built on a solid foundation of engineering and business relationships that have only one goal: Successfully implementing the highest performing cloud desktops, apps and GPU workstations for our customers in a fraction of the time and cost of other virtual desktop solutions.

What’s in it for our customers:

  • Workspot cloud PC solutions are tightly integrated with Microsoft technologies
  • Create an instant, global presence afforded by 65+ Azure regions worldwide
  • Move beyond the limitations of physical PCs and workstations
  • Enforce Zero Trust Security policy and streamline regulatory compliance processes
  • Eliminate the complexity of do-it-yourself virtual desktop solutions with our SaaS solution
  • Gain the agility to pursue new revenue opportunities anywhere in the world
  • Experience unprecedented app performance that keeps your users productive and happy
  • Easily support remote working and secure BYOD

Workspot Cloud PCs Help Drive Enterprise Growth

Today, Azure offers every organization tens of “data centers” for their use. The flexibility this offers is unprecedented, and with flexibility comes the ability for companies to push beyond prior growth constraints. With Workspot SaaS cloud PCs, geography is no longer a barrier, whether it’s a new opportunity in an untapped market or the availability of a talented person who is the perfect fit for your job opening. Being able to scale cloud PCs horizontally across global cloud regions in minutes means you can have a presence anywhere when opportunity knocks – no branch office required.

Physical PCs, laptops and workstations are rigid devices that slow people down and require significant IT resources to manage and secure. Similarly, do-it-yourself (DIY) virtual desktop solutions are complex and costly to manage and scale. Workspot cloud PCs afford freedom to end users so they can be productive anywhere while dramatically simplifying IT processes via single pane of glass management across all cloud PCs globally.

With Workspot on Azure, IT gets greater efficiency, users get unprecedented performance, corporate data is more secure, and infinite scalability delivers business agility that takes you to places you’ve never been before. 

DIY virtual desktops are complex and expensive. Workspot eliminates complexity and reduces TCO.

High Performance Computing Use Cases

Out customers tell the story best. Back in 2018 CIO Andy Knauf of design/build firm Mead & Hunt said, “We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot on Azure.” Keeping his CAD engineers happy was job one, and legacy VDI couldn’t make the cut.

Power users, such as CAD engineers and designers, need the ultimate in performance – a GPU cloud workstation that looks and feels like a local machine. To compromise on performance is to slow productivity. To maintain a competitive advantage, power users need a high-performance experience so they can easily and freely collaborate on product designs that drive innovation. Best of all, your power users can now experience amazing performance on lower cost end points anywhere, whether they are at home, on the road, or at a client’s office or job site. In short, power users love their “Workspots.”


Performance is enhanced by Azure’s high-speed backbone.

Security and Business Continuity Advantages

When it comes to app and data security, there can be no compromises. Workspot’s unique Desktop Control Fabric™ architecture separates the control and data planes; that means your corporate data never enters our control plane. That distinction is critical for enforcing your Zero Trust Security policy and securing your corporate assets. Plus, Microsoft has implemented robust security capabilities into Azure that secure the Azure infrastructure, customer data, and applications, making security yet another compelling reason to migrate.

Workspot has also delivered massive innovation to fortify business continuity execution, offering both in-region and across cloud region backup and restore capabilities – an industry first.

Innovation business continuity solutions help protect your business.

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