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SaaS Cloud Desktops on Microsoft Azure

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Why Workspot on Microsoft Azure?

Digital transformation has many elements, but there’s one essential aspect you don’t have to worry about anymore: Virtual desktops, apps and GPU workstations. Workspot has you covered with the Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform, the only 100% cloud-native SaaS solution for delivering cloud desktops to users globally.

Our partnership with Microsoft is built on a solid foundation of engineering and business relationships that have only one goal: Successfully implementing the highest performing cloud desktops, apps and GPU workstations in a fraction of the time and cost of other virtual desktop solutions. What’s in it for our customers:

  • Workspot solutions that are tightly integrated with Microsoft technologies
  • An instant global presence afforded by 60+ Azure regions worldwide
  • Eliminate the complexity of do-it-yourself virtual desktop solutions
  • Agility to pursue new revenue opportunities anywhere in the world
  • Unprecedented app performance that keeps your users productive
  • Streamlined regulatory compliance  processes

Your Instant Global Office

Today, every enterprise has tens of “data centers” available to them. For organizations that span the country or the globe, flexibility and horizontal scalability across cloud regions is paramount for end user computing. The best way to modernize IT and achieve fast, high ROI is to place cloud desktops, apps and GPU cloud workstations close to your users in any Azure cloud region worldwide.  This is how to unlock the full potential of your organization and get the benefit of anywhere, anytime productivity.

In contrast to complex, do-it-yourself (DIY) virtual desktop solutions, the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform is the only SaaS platform that delivers enterprise-class, desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) with a 100% cloud-native architecture. This innovative service lets IT provision Windows 10 cloud desktops, GPU workstations, and apps in minutes – not months. Plus, only Workspot has a single pane of glass that is your window to managing all your users globally – in the cloud, and maybe some on-premises too.

With Workspot on Azure, IT gets greater efficiency, users get unprecedented performance, corporate data is more secure, and infinite scalability delivers business agility that takes you to places you’ve never been before. Workspot on Azure is the modern way to work!


Do-it-Yourself virtual desktops are complex and expensive. Workspot eliminates complexity and reduces TCO.

Performance and Security Advantages

This is exciting: Our customers report better than physical PC performance. And we’re not comparing cloud desktops to some old, low-end PC. They are seeing better performance with Workspot on Azure than a $10,000 liquid cooled workstation! If the most demanding CAD users are that happy, think about how happy all your other users will be with Workspot cloud desktop performance. How do we do it? There’s more than 60 Azure regions around the globe; that means most of your users are less than 50 ms away from their desktops, apps and data. Plus, Azure cloud elasticity means you can provision exactly the resources you need – no more and no less – at any point in time. Workspot’s single pane of glass management makes it easy for you to deploy more cloud desktops – with a few clicks and a few minutes – across Azure regions anywhere in the world.  No one else can do that! That gives you the kind of agility your business needs to stay competitive.

When it comes to app and data security, there can be no compromises. Workspot’s unique Desktop Control Fabric™ architecture separates the control and data planes; that means your corporate data never enters our control plane. That distinction is critical for enforcing your Zero Trust Security policy and securing your corporate assets. Plus, Microsoft has implemented robust security capabilities into Azure that secure the Azure infrastructure, customer data, and applications, making security yet another compelling reason to migrate.

Performance is enhanced by Azure’s high-speed backbone.

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