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Case Study: Global Finishing Solutions Manufacturing Chooses Workspot Cloud Workstations

"Workspot not only gave us the agility to scale quickly during the pandemic, but it also provides ongoing value to hire the best employees in any location, with an optimal end user experience." Scott Funk, IT Manager

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Customer Webinar: Global Finishing Solutions uses Workspot cloud workstations on Microsoft Azure and AMD

Join us for a live webinar with manufacturing firm Global Finishing Solutions to hear how Workspot cloud workstations on Microsoft Azure, powered by AMD GPUs, have fueled greater productivity, reduced IT costs, and brought new levels of agility to the business to drive growth.

Chart Industries Moves SOLIDWORKS to Cloud Workstations

Cloud workstation thought leaders Bryan Turner (CIO/CISO) and Brian Bostrom (President of Engineering) from Chart Industries share how they transformed their business by migrating to cloud workstations on Microsoft Azure, bringing new levels of security and agility to the company.

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Video Highlight: Bryan Turner, CIO/CISO, Chart Industries – Hiring Advantage

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Video Highlight: Bryan Turner, CIO/CISO, Chart Industries – Mergers & Acquisitions

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Video Highlight: Bryan Turner, CIO/CISO, Chart Industries – Infrastructure in the Cloud

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Global Manufacturer Drives Innovation with Cloud Workstations

Röhm uses cloud workstations to provide secure access to contract engineers while strengthening IP protection.

Case Studies
Video: Take Manufacturing Into the Future with Cloud PCs and Workstations

Old-school end user computing limits business growth. Cloud PCs are the way forward! Watch the video.

Video: Workspot Cloud PC and The Google Chromebook Pixel

In this demo you'll see a Google Chromebook Pixel running the Workspot Client for Web connecting to a Workspot Cloud PC running in the cloud.

Solution Brief: Cloud PCs for Manufacturing

For manufacturing firms, time-to-market is everything. Here's how cCloud PCs and workstations can help you achieve a competitive edge. Read more.

Solution Briefs
Video: Siemens NX Running on a Workspot Cloud Workstation

In this video we’re running the latest Siemens NX software completely in the cloud, on a GPU-accelerated Workspot cloud workstation running on Azure.

Case Study: Global Finishing Solutions

Manufacturing firm gains greater agility and access to a larger talent pool by using cloud workstations... Read more.

Case Studies
The Benefits of Running Autodesk Apps in the Cloud

Manufacturers can achieve significant agility and IP protection benefits by shifting cloud desktops and workstations to the cloud ... Watch now.

Customer Hydradyne uses Workspot Remote Desktops to Run Manufacturing

Manufacturing Firm Chooses Workspot VDI to Enable Secure Mobility and Support BYOD. How do you cost-effectively support secure, instant-access to desktops and apps for a growing, mobile salesforce?

Top 5 Reasons for Product Design and Manufacturing Firms to Consider SaaS Cloud PCs and Workstations

Product design and manufacturing organizations are uncovering the tremendous business value to be garnered with cloud desktops... Read more.

The Benefits of Running Siemens NX in the Cloud

If you’re an IT leader in the product design or manufacturing industry, these resources will help you understand the many benefits of moving CAD/CAM/CAE applications such as Siemens NX to the cloud.