Lower VDI TCO by 50-90% compared to legacy solutions.

Solution Overview

Together, Nutanix and Workspot dramatically simplify the way VDI and app publishing is deployed and managed. Workspot created VDI 2.0 as a cloud-native, multi-tenant VDI service that eliminates the complexity of legacy VDI solutions.  When combined with Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), organizations of all sizes benefit from instant and unlimited scalability, reduced complexity, and lower TCO compared to legacy VDI solutions.  IT teams can deploy Workspot VDI 2.0 on Nutanix clusters in as little as an hour, and the business can realize unprecedented time-to-value. Additionally, as organizations turn to the public cloud to augment datacenter infrastructure, IT Teams can choose to run VDI workloads on Nutanix HCI on-premises, as well as on Microsoft Azure for ultimate flexibility.  With Workspot, it’s all managed through a single pane of glass.

– Workspot Control provisions desktops and applications, sets security policies, manages user profiles and access, and collects analytics. It replaces the operational front end of load balancing, brokering, databases, web portal, and provisioning services found in traditional VDI.

– Workspot Enterprise Connector is a Windows virtual machine. It runs on the Nutanix cluster and provisions virtual desktops on the cluster.  All security policies, desktop assignments, and monitoring is done via Workspot Control.

– The Workspot solution leverages all your existing investments in security, apps, and data. The lifecycle of the virtual desktops can be managed using your existing PC Lifecycle Management tools.

– To ensure security, the control and data planes are separated, and no data traverses through the control plane. VDI sessions connect using RDP directly from the end point to the VM hosted on Nutanix nodes, and are secured by the SSL-VPN.

– End points (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) are automatically updated with new features and policies from Workspot Control. New features are introduced regularly, and Workspot Control and end points are automatically updated without user or IT intervention.

Solution Benefits

✓  Deploy in as little as 60 minutes

✓  Unprecedented time-to-value for VDI deployments

✓  Avoid under-utilized infrastructure silos. Use up to 90% less space and lower CapEx by 40-60%

✓  Cloud control plane architecture lowers VDI OpEx 50-90% compared to legacy VDI solutions

✓  Scale VDI instantly and infinitely and easily add Nutanix nodes to expand infrastructure capacity

✓ Employ a hybrid approach using both on-premises Nutanix HCI and Azure

✓  Access robust end-user data and analytics for performance monitoring




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VDI 2.0 Set Up Video

Nutanix delivers invisible infrastructure for next-generation enterprise computing, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business. By natively converging server and storage resources into the turnkey Xtreme Computing Platform that is easy to deploy and manage, Nutanix has helped large and small IT organizations simplify their datacenter and gain predictable performance, linear scalability, and cloud-like infrastructure consumption.

Workspot has reinvented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with its cloud-native VDI 2.0 and Desktop-as-a- Service 2.0 (DaaS 2.0) solutions. Workspot solves the corporate challenge of securely delivering apps, desktops and data to any device and helps organizations achieve unprecedented time-to-value for VDI implementations. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Workspot offers the shortest implementation times in the industry. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company received the Best of VMworld 2016 Gold Award for Desktop and Application Delivery solutions. For more information on Workspot’s risk-free, turnkey solutions, visit: www.workspot.com.


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