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Workspot podcast with Brianmadden.com

 Download the Brian Madden Podcast where we discuss the future of VDI.

Today we had Workspot join us for a Special Edition of the BrianMadden.com podcast. Workspot calls their approach “VDI 2.0”, and on today’s episode we had a conversation with Rana Kanaan and Puneet Chawla about their vision of the future of the enterprise desktop and how it relates to the traditional desktop virtualization practices of the last 20 years.

We discussed:

  • What’s broken with traditional VDI products?
  • What happens when people who helped build VDI come together to start a new company?
  • What does Workspot do? Is it VDI? Is it something new? Does it compete against the incumbents? Or help them?
  • VDI 2.0 leverages the cloud, but is it DaaS? Or VDI-as-a-Service? (And what does that even mean?)
  • Today’s show was pretty interesting, our second-most popular show ever in terms of live listeners. Check out the MP3 replay to find out why!