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  • Come on board in our early stage to shape how the world sees our solution
  • Build your own work desk (We like 27″ iMacs with 16GB RAM and magic trackpads)
  • Enjoy being in the heart of technology, scenic drives, and bike routes in Menlo Park
  • Go on a paid two-month sabbatical after four years of cranking out a superior product



Amitabh Sinha

Co-Founder and CEO

Amitabh constantly thinks about how to meet customer requirements while keeping our solution simple. Amitabh was the GM for XenApp and XenDesktop at Citrix before he co-founded Workspot. Outside of work, Amitabh keeps busy creating new games to challenge Rocket, his hyperactive four year old dog. Amitabh enjoys watching TED Talks, Jon Stewart, and The Colbert Report on his iPad when not in his Workspot.

Puneet Chawla

Co-Founder and CTO

Puneet puts all the technology pieces together to supercharge our solution for customers and ensures we collectively skate to where the puck is going. Puneet was the founding engineer for VMware View and is a holder of several patents. Outside of work, Puneet enjoys a challenging poker game and delicious home cooking. You can find Puneet consuming vast amounts of biographies and technology briefs on his many tablets when not in his Workspot.

Ty Wang

Co-Founder and Vice President

Ty enjoys working with people who do not settle for good enough when creating useful software for people. Ty brings his experience from companies like Accenture, Oracle, and Twilio. Outside of work, Ty plays in a rock cover band and daydreams about more guitars for his collection; current favorite is a custom Randy Rhoads polka dot Flying-V. You can find him arranging princess coloring and interactive Dr. Seuss apps on his iPad when not in his Workspot.

Robert Zeljko

Robert Zeljko

Director of Engineering

Robert creates new security technologies and products with the goal of making life more seamless for people. He brings his experience from startups like Nuova Systems (now Cisco) and Wireless Security Corp (now McAfee), holding several patents. Saying Robert enjoys riding his bike when not coding is an understatement. Robert drinks in Strava data on his iPad when not in his Workspot…or on his next century ride.

Guang Li

Software Engineer

Guang is a Windows fanboy, making sure that no enterprise app gets left behind firewalls or excluded from mobile devices not named after a fruit. He brings his experience from enterprise software companies for security to consumer-facing services. Outside of work, you can find him captaining his starship minivan to new places. Guang keeps up on the latest music videos when not in his Workspot.

Abhijeet Kumar

Abhijeet Kumar

Software Engineer

Abhijeet constantly looks for ways to enhance user experience in an increasingly mobile world. He brings his experience from Juniper Networks and entrepreneurial spirit from creating consumer iPhone apps. Outside of work, you can find him traversing various terrain in his four-wheel drive with heavy gear on the roof. Abhijeet immerses himself in e-books when not in his Workspot.

Richard Yoza

Richard Yoza


Richard keeps our operations humming and customers informed. He brings his experience from Fortune 500 companies and startups in getting scale and reliability with speed. When not responding to customer needs, Richard keeps moving on ground and water: golfing, hiking, remodeling houses, diving, and fishing. You can find him researching the latest tasty pizza places and best pinot noir on his iPad when not in his Workspot.

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Principal Engineer

Chris makes solving the most spirit-crushing security problems look easy. He is up for the challenge to create useful products for people that seamlessly navigate the toughest of enterprise networks. Chris holds several patents and brings experience building first-of-its-kind products from companies like Neoteris. Outside of work, Chris enjoys getting lost in the mountains on a kayak, snowboard, or motorcycle. You can find him wrestling his iPad away from his kids when not in his Workspot.

Yatin Vasavada

Yatin Vasavada

Chief Data Architect

Yatin sees big data like Neo in the Matrix. He is the mastermind behind how we take massive granular data to create useful insights and structured events data so our customers have visibility and control. He brings his experience from companies like Verity and Clearwell Systems. Outside of work, Yatin enjoys a good hike and finding the next great veggie creation. You can find him immersed in various readers when not in his Workspot.

Shiva Madishetti

Shiva Madishetti

Data Architect

Shiva enjoys the challenge of applying scientific and mathematical methods to provide simple and secure solutions for customers. Shiva brings experience from companies like Good Technology and Citrix. Outside of work, Shiva is busy exploring new ways to entertain his two year old son. You can find him playing games and getting the latest tech news when not in his Workspot.

Ji Fang

Software Engineer

Ji codes to create better user experience with every ship, integrating the latest iOS thought leadership while ensuring compliance. Ji brings his experience in creating consumer-facing, mobile applications from companies like Microsoft. Outside of work, Ji is a Xbox Kinect black belt. You can find him catching up with friends on his many mobile devices when not in his Workspot.

Irene Yam

Director of Marketing

Irene has been a founding employee at several start-ups. She enjoys wearing all the marketing hats and revels in building strong customer advocate programs. Irene was at Riverbed Technology for 10 years and built the Riverbed Customer Network from the ground up. When Irene is not at work, she is cycling, playing with her wire-fox terrier and baking for her friends and family.

Martha Mackmiller

Martha Mackmiller

Customer Development

Martha works to guide each customer to attain their aha moment when using Workspot.  She likes being the main line of communication between the customer and the Workspot team. Outside of the office she enjoys yoga, hiking, camping, and a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.  While not in her Workspot, you’ll often find her on Reddit or watching HBO GO on her iPad.



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“With Workspot, our pilot set-up took less than an hour to get up and running…Workspot has enabled our internal teams to serve the City of Milpitas in real-time…”

Mike Luu, IS Director, City of Milpitas


IS Director, City of Milpitas

“In the face of the BYOD explosion, Workspot is a great method of helping users while ensuring compliance and security. My primary users are physicians, and they don’t like clicking around or having to follow several chains to get the information they need.”



IT Director, Mason City Clinic

“Reusing existing security and application infrastructure means realizing BYOD got that much easier. I have the ability to pick and deliver the best apps to end users within minutes from anywhere.”



Network and Systems Administrator, Legends Banks

“Getting critical business apps based on SAP onto iPads with no data leakage brings immediate value to any enterprise. BYOD and the overall mobility aspect of work is generating more and not less data, so we need solutions like Workspot.”



VP Global Mobile Solutions, BackOffice Associates

“Everything is right there in front of the user and they don’t have to go through all the steps of logging into several different apps. We like being able to manage and quickly adjust while onsite or VPN.”



IT Manager, Decatur County Memorial Hospital

“SharePoint, ERP, and helpdesk delivered in minutes to iPads. A unique approach to BYOD that makes it possible to empower users with greater access to information without compromising security.”



Network and Systems Administrator, VME Process

“I get big company grade safeguards up and running quickly with minimal disruption. Our SharePoint based Intranet, document library app, and reporting portals delivered in minutes to iPads is a great thing.”



IT Systems Administrator, Mel Foster Company




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    Juniper Networks

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    RSA Security

    We have embedded the RSA SecurID token SDK into the Workspot Solution. The integrated solution is RSA Secured.

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    Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances

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    F5 Networks

    Learn more about our partnership with F5 Networks.

    There are more details on our integration approach here.

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    Microsoft Active Directory authentication.

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    Dell SonicWALL

    Dell SonicWALL Secure Remote Access