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Why CIOs & COOs are Partnering to Achieve Excellence with Cloud-Edge Desktops

These days it’s not surprising to see CIOs and COOs working more closely together than ever. The reason is that most CIOs today are deeply embedded in forming the business strategy that is driving company growth. IT solutions as simple support tools for an organization is now history; now technology choices are crucial to efficient execution and high-quality customer outcomes, thus making the IT team’s choices foundational for business growth.

Achieving operational excellence

When I joined Workspot, I never imagined the amazing conversations I’m having with CIOs and COOs in companies of all sizes. There is a “perfect storm” of conditions that is aligning IT and business strategy within these companies, fueled by the business agility that Workspot offers. When you get down to it, the challenges we discuss are similar, whether the exec I’m speaking with is from a Fortune 500 company or a growing ENR 100 Design/Build firm. They are all focused on serving their customers better and growing the business.

When it comes to business growth, operational efficiency is an important variable and one that requires mindshare from all key organizational stakeholders. For IT, excellence requires two key qualities: A forward-thinking philosophy that drives constant evaluation of new technologies and a bias for questioning everything.  The goal for IT, as a contributor to business growth, is to continually look for opportunities to apply technology that improves execution and resource utilization.

At Workspot, we are partnering closely with our customers to achieve operational excellence.  We’re excited by the new levels of business agility that enables our customers to respond rapidly to evolving business dynamics. Here are  the top 3 ways our customers are achieving operational excellence today:

Replace legacy VDI, physical desktops with cloud desktops in Azure

Maintaining data center infrastructure, legacy VDI and physical desktops consumes significant IT resources. As a result, virtually every organization I speak with is re-evaluating these investments and looking for opportunities to use public cloud infrastructure and cloud desktops to streamline operations. The CIOs I speak with want to “get out of the data center business” so IT personnel can delegate the mundane job of “keeping the lights on” to someone else. When Workspot takes over responsibility for the cloud desktop SLA, it liberates the in-house IT team from the micro-management and upkeep of IT infrastructure, thereby dramatically simplifying the procure/provision/maintain process and freeing those resources for other higher value-add projects.

Automate IT workflows

Provisioning a new physical PC or GPU workstation for an employee can take days or weeks. With Workspot’s cloud desktops, the process of adds/moves/changes can be automated, and people can get productive in minutes, saving IT countless cycles and significant cost, while also accelerating time-to-productivity for users. IT can also automate a direct charge to each cost center, and include detailed usage reports by user, either directly or through integration with your existing IT services and operations management tools, such as ServiceNow and BMC Remedy. Cloud desktops offer numerous opportunities to re-allocate precious IT resources, simplify IT processes and reduce costs.

Hire talent anywhere without opening a branch office

Top tier talent is key to achieving operational excellence and ensuring that customers receive high-quality outcomes. The right cloud desktop solution is available globally, so your organization can a) hire the best people regardless of where they live or choose to work from and b) pursue new business anywhere – without having to incur the hefty cost of building and maintaining a branch office. Workspot has enabled organizations to hire the best talent anywhere through rapid on-boarding, auto-provisioning high-performance cloud desktops in minutes, and then enabling IT to manage it all through a single web-based interface.

In summary, gone are the days when IT departments were simply a cost center. With Workspot, IT can streamline operations and increase overall productivity, thus becoming an active contributor to business growth and efficiency with large positive impacts on the firm’s bottom line.

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