What is a Cloud Desktop?

A Workspot cloud desktop is just like a Windows 10 PC, but it’s delivered from the public cloud as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and end users can access all their apps and data from anywhere, using their device of choice. Workspot completely reinvented virtual desktops with its 100% cloud-native SaaS platform – the Enterprise Desktop Cloud –  which is global, highly secure, and enterprise-proven. Combined with the global ubiquity of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, Workspot enables IT teams to deploy hundreds or thousands of Windows 10 cloud desktops across multiple cloud regions, anywhere on the planet – fast.

Workspot cloud desktops supercharge your business agility and competitiveness while eliminating the upfront CapEx of traditional VDI and the cumbersome hardware refreshes required for physical PCs. With SaaS cloud desktops, global enterprise IT teams no longer need to procure, set up and ship physical devices to end users, freeing them from expensive and time-consuming “keep the lights on” tasks so they can focus on more strategic projects that drive business growth.


Download the Solution Brief “Workspot Cloud Desktops: The Modern Way to Work” to learn why SaaS cloud desktops should be a fundamental element of your digital transformation.




Global law firm Poyner Spruill shares their journey to “insanely simple” Workspot cloud desktops.




Purpose-Built for the Global Public Cloud

Combining the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform with the global power of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is transforming enterprise organizations around the world. Workspot is the only SaaS cloud desktop solution that is completely customizable to meet the unique needs of enterprise organizations, while strengthening security and bringing new levels of agility that drives business growth.

Deploy Workspot cloud desktops across Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and on-premises
infrastructure to meet your unique requirements.


Cloud Desktop Capabilities

Rapid Time to Value

Our team can implement your cloud desktops in days. Once set up, the solution scales on-demand. Your IT admins can self-provision  hundreds or thousands of cloud desktops across multiple Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud regions in minutes. IT admins can also utilize Workspot APIs to extend workflow automation through integration with existing ITSM solutions such as ServiceNow.

Blazing Fast Performance

Leverage the power and speed of the public cloud to deliver an end user experience even the most demanding people love! Workspot places each cloud desktop in the cloud region closest to each user. Co-location of data along with compute power in the cloud ensures that users experience fast file read/write times and fluid workflow. Performance is often better than a physical PC or workstation! And even if your connection to the cloud desktop is interrupted, there is no data corruption or loss.

Robust Security

Workspot cloud desktops are not susceptible to IP theft, data loss, malware, ransomware or user error. No data resides on any edge device and our cloud-native architecture features encryption for data in motion and at rest. IT has 100% control over the deployment including a global view of all user activity, conditional access provisioning and geo-fencing.

Built-in DR

Cloud desktops are your first line of defense for business continuity because they can be accessed from anywhere. With this inherent disaster recovery, your organization is instantly better protected. Innovative Workspot BC/DR options include the ability to failover cloud desktops to an alternative cloud region should disaster strike. This multilayered approach to business continuity prepares your organization to easily pivot away from a business disruption and keep people productive.

Built-in Compliance

Simplify compliance around data sovereignty, eDiscovery, IT audits and local regulations by centralizing and controlling access to your IP (e.g. GDPR).


Cloud desktops address use cases across industries

Use Cases for Cloud Desktops

Augment Zero-Trust Security policy

Trust no one – not even your virtual desktop provider! When it comes to security, ask the tough questions to ensure the principle of least privilege (POLP) is rigorously enforced. Additionally, it’s fundamental to understand the security implications of the solution architecture, and why choosing a 100% cloud-native architecture is essential for security.

Enable remote employees, contractors and partners

Enterprises rely on remote employees, offshore contractors and partners for a variety of projects. Securing intellectual property and maintaining high productivity while working remotely is a challenge for enterprises employing a global workforce. Here’s how Workspot cloud desktops support secure remote work.

High-performance computing

Latency kills performance, and that’s why power users have never been satisfied with virtual desktops – until now. Placing cloud desktops and workstations in the cloud region closest to each user changes everything, typically mitigating latency to imperceptible levels. Outstanding cloud desktop performance keeps even the most demanding power users happy and productive, wherever they are working.

Streamline joint venture operations to improve profitability

AEC, financial services and life sciences are just a few of the industries where partnership and joint ventures are central to innovation. Cloud desktops enable project teams to easily work together, collaborating in real time to bring products to market more quickly and with higher quality. IT processes are dramatically simplified, since everyone uses the same technology and collaborates within a common data environment.

Set up call centers anywhere globally

Organizations can deploy call centers anywhere in the world and ensure secure access to data by call center employees. With Workspot, call center employees can be situated anywhere – including shared office space and home offices.


“A seamless Workspot POC process with seasoned experts who had strong Azure expertise gave Workspot an edge. It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot.”

– Matt Hallenborg, Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Operations

“Workspot eliminated all our peripheral connection problems. It was a miracle”

– Tom Merkle, Director of IT

“Aside from the technology, the responsiveness of the Customer Success Team was the best part. I really appreciated that.”

– Travis Nieves – IT Manager

Cloud Desktop TCO & Customer Success Stories

The cost and complexity of legacy VDI are well known, and they are primary reasons many IT leaders are seeking cost-effective alternatives. If you currently have on-premises VDI or you’re considering it, calculate the savings you can achieve with Workspot.


Poyner Spruill: After a bake-off” between other cloud VDI solutions and Workspot, a successful Workspot pilot, great performance, affordable and predictable pricing, and operational simplicity were key decision points.

AGDATA: After battling reliability and performance problems with their legacy VDI solution, the IT team discovered Workspot and made the switch. Today they can add new cloud desktops in under 10 minutes, anywhere in the world.

Advisor 360: Workspot was unanimously selected from among four competitive solutions to provide secure remote access to developers around the world.

Predictable TCO is essential for virtual desktop success.
Download the Executive Brief to compare the TCO
of 3 different approaches