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Ready to Try Cloud Workstations at Autodesk University?

Workspot is gearing up for Autodesk University 2019, taking place in Las Vegas November 19-21. Are you going? In previous years we’ve had such a great time at this show because our cloud workstation solution in Azure is literally changing power users’ lives and transforming industries. That’s undoubtedly a bold claim, but it’s substantiated by all of our customers who today have a powerful new growth accelerator, and that is the agility that comes from being able to spin up cloud workstations anywhere in the world and have them perform “flawlessly.” Among so many other things, our solutions allow engineers, designers, BIM managers, and others – who were previously tethered to their physical workstations – to work anywhere, anytime. And they free the business to grow beyond prior geographical boundaries. Hire talent anywhere, and pursue new business. Simplify the joint venture partnerships that are so prevalent in AEC and many other industries. None of that has been possible without Workspot because the performance of legacy VDI just isn’t adequate in a graphics-intensive environment. We’re still the only enterprise-ready virtual desktop solution that achieves on-demand scalability across cloud regions, along with blazing-fast performance that meets the requirements of power users. That’s all well and good for me to say, but how can we make our story your story? If you’re attending AU, here’s the challenge!

The Workspot Challenge for AU Attendees

Here’s the challenge for CAD managers, BIM managers and other power users in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and other industries who are attending AU. It can be a bit boring to see a “generic” product demo, right? However, there’s a good reason why our cloud workstation demos usually elicit a “Wow”. You just won’t really believe it until you see how your own CAD and BIM apps perform, and what it feels like to manipulate your own 3D models on a cloud workstation, and that’s fair enough. So here’s the Workspot Challenge: Put Workspot on your “must-see” list at AU, come by the Workspot booth and bring up one of your 3D models on a cloud workstation and see what you think. After all, the “proof of the pudding” really is in the eating, as they say. That means you have to try it to know if it’s good!

You won’t be able to miss us in the Expo Hall. As soon as you walk in the main entrance, just look straight ahead down the main aisle and you’ll see the Workspot logo.

It’s Way More than Marketing

When you visit us at AU, we’re going to get real. In addition to trying out cloud workstations first-hand, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of our customers. Many of you know Andy Knauf, CIO of Mead & Hunt, one of ENR’s top 150 consulting firms in the country and also named among the top 25 best civil engineering firms to work for by CE News. Mead & Hunt is on an exciting growth trajectory, which includes periodic acquisitions. The agility the firm has now that they rely on Workspot cloud workstations across the country means that they can respond to the changes that fast growth brings instantly, and they can have new employees and contractors productive in minutes rather than weeks. They have also strengthened their business continuity plan with the built-in disaster recovery that comes with having cloud workstations available across Azure West, Central and East regions. Andy is an IT visionary who generously shares with his peers the wisdom he has gained by being an early adopter of tech that is transforming the AEC industry. In addition to the Workspot Challenge, meeting Andy Knauf and discussing his journey to cloud workstations is the best reason to visit our booth, because Andy will be there!

Dudek uses Workspot cloud workstations to assess disaster damages
Watch our latest video featuring Dudek’s drone division.

More Cloud Workstation Goodness in the World

We recently wrapped a new video that highlights our customer, Dudek, a multidisciplinary, environmental consulting firm that helps clients plan, design and build projects that improve both the built and natural infrastructure for communities around the country. When we talk about changing lives, it’s true that Workspot cloud workstations have been transformational in terms of helping Dudek grow. But another life-changing aspect of Dudek’s work stems from their highly successful drone practice, where they are uniquely able to assess damage from natural disasters via the drone imagery they collect. Their work is life-changing because they are able to take those complex images and make them actionable for first responders within hours – that is a significant achievement – and Workspot is very proud to be a part of enabling that great work. If you haven’t already seen CIO Brian Nordmann and his team discuss how they achieve this and why it matters, you can access the video here.

If you’re not attending AU, schedule a demo to see how it works. Either way, let’s start changing some lives!