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High-Performance Cloud Workstations

Access GPU-accelerated cloud workstations from anywhere, using low-cost devices
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What is a Cloud Workstation?

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform is a 100% cloud-native SaaS solution for delivering high-performance cloud desktops and workstations from the public cloud to power users anywhere. The solution maximizes productivity for power users while lowering cost and complexity for IT and the business.

Workspot cloud workstations leverage cloud GPU instances, enabling customers to run resource-hungry graphics applications such as Revit, Petrel, AutoCAD, Siemens NX, PTC Creo, Ansys, SOLIDWORKS, ArcGIS, Adobe Premiere and more.

Our cloud VDI supercharges your business agility and competitiveness, saves on upfront CapEx and relieves IT teams from cumbersome hardware refreshes. For distributed teams, IT no longer needs to procure, set up and ship physical devices to end users. Instead, cloud workstation provisioning happens in minutes, so you can onboard people immediately and they can use their device of choice.



“We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot” – Andy Knauf, CIO, Mead & Hunt

Purpose-Built for the Global Public Cloud

Combining the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform with the global power of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is transforming enterprise organizations around the world. Workspot is the only SaaS Cloud PC solution that is completely customizable to meet the unique needs of enterprise organizations, while strengthening security and bringing new levels of agility that drives business growth.

Deploy Workspot Cloud PCs and workstations across Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and on-premises infrastructure to meet your unique requirements.

Use Cases for Cloud Workstations

Collaborate securely on 3D CAD & BIM models with cloud workstations

Firms utilizing cross-functional teams to collaborate on BIM are increasing productivity and reducing project delivery times. Learn more here.

Enable AEC joint ventures

Inter-firm collaboration for large and small AEC projects involving multiple firms is improving partnership ROI and client outcomes.

Process large volumes of drone data faster

Process millions of cloud data points up to 10x faster with Workspot cloud workstations. Read how Dudek increased their competitive advantage.

Increase productivity of CAD/CAM/CAE engineers in manufacturing firms

Organizations transitioning their PDM/PLM systems to the cloud use cloud workstations to ensure high engineer productivity.

Enable remote employees, contractors and partners

Enterprises rely on remote employees, contractors and partners for various projects. Securing intellectual property and maintaining high productivity and employee satisfaction while working remotely is a challenge for enterprises employing a distributed workforce.

Reduce IT complexity

Workspot cloud solutions are built to simplify IT management without disrupting existing workflows. Free your IT staff from the mundane task of servicing PCs and redirect them to explore and implement new solutions.


We are 100% in on Workspot. It’s all about being agile.

Wood Rodgers – Civil Engineering

“Now, engineers can collaborate with colleagues almost anywhere, and we don’t incur the cost to replicate terabytes of data across their locations.”

Israel Sumano, Senior Director of Infrastructure Services, Southland Industries

“Workspot is the only way to deliver the kind of user experience that keeps our CAD engineers and my IT team happy and productive.”

Eric Quinn, CTO, C&S Companies

“Workspot dramatically decreased our time to get deliverables into the hands of our clients, giving us a competitive advantage. The ROI makes Workspot a no-brainer.”

Brian Nordmann, CIO, Dudek

My IT team is happy, the CAD design engineers are happy, and I get a consistent cost every month.”

Andy Knauf, CIO, Mead & Hunt

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