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The New Adaptive Enterprise Competitive Advantage: Cloud PCs

By Michael Keen and Matthew Davidson

Around the world, enterprises wrestle with change. To stay competitive, organizations need to make large-scale changes quickly and efficiently.

Here are a few examples:

  • An insurance company needs to streamline its claims processing workflow using digital imaging technologies to capture, share, and store information
  • An architectural firm needs to work with graphically intensive applications in the field
  • A manufacturer is expanding and needs to tap into additional talent pools across the globe
  • A bank needs to provide “Day One” access to information systems and applications for new employees as part of an acquisition
  • A call center must move thousands of workers home due to a pandemic


Today’s Top Business Imperative: Adaptability

How quickly can your business identify and respond to change? Can you leverage change and turn it to your advantage? Becoming a Cloud PC-enabled adaptive enterprise can help you improve your responses to both questions. Business and IT teams can capitalize on change in a Cloud PC-enabled adaptive enterprise. When IT moves from the typical inflexible, costly, silo-like architectures of the past to a shared, service-oriented, multi-cloud solution provider, they deliver more value to the business.

Rather than acting as an obstacle to change, IT becomes the business enabler to:

  • Maximize return. Improve business results. Grow revenue and earnings. Increase cash flow. Reduce the cost of operations – short and long term.
  • Mitigate risk. Ensure the security and continuity of internal and external business operations. Minimize exposure to external risk factors, such as security threats and availability issues. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Recover automatically from virtually any failure – instantly.
  • Improve performance. Optimize the performance of business operations across the enterprise from end to end. Gain a holistic, real-time view of the Cloud PC environment across clouds – and use that view to monitor service levels, avoid risks, and streamline IT operations.
  • Increase agility. Enable your company and operations to quickly adapt to changing business needs and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Provide timely IT support for business innovation. An effective multi-cloud and hybrid architecture with business process models reduces costs and makes it easier to address new business priorities and integrate new technologies.


The New Meaning of “Business As Usual”

Business as usual has long implied the absence of change, where things today are much as they were yesterday and the day before. However, business leaders today understand that just the opposite is true: Business as usual is now all about change. It is not about maintaining a static state; it’s about operating successfully in a dynamic state where change is the norm, not the exception.

Here are some key factors that have led to this shift:

  • The rate of change has greatly accelerated over the past 20 years. Some product lines that once had a viable lifespan of 20 years or more may now have a lifespan of fewer than seven years, with the lifespan of individual products sometimes lasting less than a single year.
  • The scope of change has expanded. An entertainment company no longer only focuses on introducing a film for distribution to theaters. Now it plans for distribution globally through a combination of streaming platforms and theaters, or perhaps just straight to streaming.
  • The enablers of change have proliferated. New technologies appear daily to help improve internal and external processes; foster new relationships with suppliers, vendors, and customers; and provide new ways of delivering goods and services. The cloud itself has become one of the greatest enablers of change – increasing flexibility and agility, and opening up new avenues for creativity and innovation. Given these game-changing benefits and more, it’s no surprise that more than 90% of today’s organizations have adopted cloud computing in some manner. The cloud has also expanded the source and impact of competitive threats, because challenges can arise from anywhere without warning.


How to Quickly Evolve Your Enterprise to WIN!

The enterprise that can respond rapidly to new opportunities and threats, introduce goods and services at a pace that a changing market demands, and move nimbly into new markets and geographies, will outperform the enterprise that cannot adapt as quickly. Indeed, those organizations that cannot adapt quickly face significant penalties. For example, in some industries, a six-month delay in product introduction can reduce lifetime product revenue by 30% or more; in other industries, a six-month delay could cause the enterprise to miss the window of opportunity entirely.

To thrive in a world where business as usual is all about change requires a new kind of enterprise, one designed to evolve quickly and easily to respond to and foster change, and then turn it into a competitive advantage.

At Workspot, we help our customers evolve into an adaptive enterprise by transforming end-user computing into an IT service through:

  1. Go-Live Deployment Services that ensure Cloud PC success and deliver fast time-to-value
  2. Industry experts who guide your ongoing cloud journey and end-user computing transformation
  3. The enablement of agile development to address customer-generated feature requests and drive ongoing product innovation
  4. Highly responsive support personnel whose top priority is your business uptime

Through our Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform, Workspot has completely reinvented end-user computing for the modern enterprise. There has never been a better opportunity to achieve higher levels of business agility to drive competitive advantage. Dramatically simplified desktop management with exceptional performance that both IT teams and end-users love – this completes the picture of the new adaptive enterprise, always ready to navigate emerging challenges and opportunities. Workspot will be with you every step of the way!

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