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Meet Every User’s Unique Needs

Every end user has unique requirements for computing, depending on their role in the organization. The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ offers multiple Cloud PC and GPU cloud workstation configurations to meet those needs. Power users need the most amazing performance. Knowledge workers perform a broad variety of tasks, while call center personnel might need access to only a few apps. Workspot empowers people to do their best work using exactly the right resource.

Whether people need a complete Windows 10/11 desktop or access to just a few apps, Workspot has you covered.

Knowledge Workers

For knowledge workers, Workspot offers desktop configurations that can have 2-8 vCPUs with 4-16GB of memory and high performance SSDs. 

Customers utilize these cloud desktops across a variety of use cases including supporting remote software developers, back/front office workers, data scientists and consultants.

Power Users

For power users, such as CAD designers and engineers, Workspot offers workstation configurations with GPUs, 4-32 vCPUs with 14-112GB of memory and 2-16GB of video RAM along with high performance SSDs.

Customers in architecture, engineering, construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, life sciences and technology industries. are delighted with the performance. 

Task Workers

For task workers, Workspot’s non-persistent, server-based desktops or published applications may be the best fit.

These vital employees and contractors, such as call center associates, and shift-based employees typically perform a proscribed set of tasks and only need access to a limited number of applications.

Workspot offers a robust mix of cloud desktop and cloud workstation
configurations to meet the needs of every user.

A seamless Workspot POC process with seasoned experts who had strong Azure expertise gave Workspot an edge. It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot.”

Matt Hallenborg, Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Operations

Workspot on Google Cloud is the perfect combination of price performance and simplicity.”

Civil Engineering

Flexibility and disaster recovery are strong arguments for choosing Workspot. The cloud approach secures our data better, and we are much better prepared for a business continuity event with the built-in disaster recovery capabilities of cloud desktops.”


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