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The Secret to Your Cloud Desktop Success

The Workspot reviews are coming in, and we could not be happier that on G2, 100% of our customers say they would recommend Workspot cloud desktops and workstations. That does not happen very often, especially in the tech world. The best part of this endorsement is it means that our customers are achieving significant benefits – Workspot is adding value to these businesses and helping them succeed, even in today’s extremely difficult business environment. What’s behind such a strong endorsement from our customers?


“Workspot has taken the VDI load off our hands and
has made it a simple process to spin up new users.”


Our Core Values

At Workspot, if our customers aren’t happy, nothing else matters. This has been our reason for being from day one. The company was founded on the idea that for too long, the potential benefits of virtual desktops have been elusive, and organizations have struggled too much with complexity. Our mission is to eliminate complexity in end user computing, take full responsibility for the operation and reliability of your virtual desktops, and help you achieve all the benefits that the massive scale of the public cloud brings to the table.


“Cannot tell you how excited my company
is to have this product.”


Our Cloud-Native, SaaS Platform

There are several approaches to implementing Windows 10 cloud desktops and workstations. I discuss these operational models at a high level in last week’s blog. For those who don’t know Workspot yet, I think we can sometimes be mistaken for a Managed Service Provider (MSP), but we offer something vastly different, and the distinctions are critical to your success. An MSP runs someone else’s virtual desktop solution in their data center. They did not create the solution – so they are at the mercy of the vendor whose solution they use, and that has implications for what you can achieve.

Conversely, we built our solution from the ground up as a cloud-native, SaaS, turnkey cloud PC platform that delivers your organization’s virtual desktops from the public cloud. Workspot cloud PCs can be implemented across multiple regions of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, as well as on-premises, for maximum flexibility and agility, and your IT team manages it all through a single console.

Don’t get me wrong, MSPs offer value for certain use cases, especially if your employees and contractors are all located in fairly close proximity to the MSP’s data center. However, medium to large enterprises who have employees and contractors located in multiple geographic regions need to look elsewhere for a virtual desktop solution. You need to make sure you can deliver outstanding performance to users (less than 50ms latency!), support your Zero Trust Security policy, integrate with your existing SIEM and ITSM systems, and customize your implementation with business continuity features such as standby cloud PCs and alternative cloud region failover for disaster recovery. Workspot has you covered for these – and more – enterprise features.


“Workspot has a premier DaaS service with
great support throughout the process.”


Our Partnership with You

From the moment we engage, our extended team has your best interests in mind. Whereas most other virtual desktop vendors take your order, wish you luck and hand you an 80-page manual, leaving you to figure everything out, our Customer Success Team stays with you through every implementation stage, including initial deployment, ongoing operations, and expansion. Throughout this process, everything we learn during customer engagements is fed back into the development lifecycle and results in continuous process simplification and automation to make everyone’s lives easier. Customers benefit from this continuous learning cycle with regular access to new product features, capabilities and enhancements.  The bottom line? Workspot has a revenue retention rate that is off the charts – recently it was 212%, whereas for enterprise SaaS companies, 125% is considered very good. This demonstrates that our customers are just as committed to us as we are to them.

Beyond the near infinite scalability, robust security, and blazing fast performance capabilities, our cloud-native solution offers the opportunity for us to respond very quickly to feature requests from our customers. With the big tech vendors, customers could wait months or even years for a feature request to make it to production. At Workspot, we release new features regularly every few weeks. You have a direct line of input for how the service evolves. That is a true partnership!


“The support by the Workspot technical teams is top notch. Always happy to jump in and work together to resolve issues.”


The Workspot Cloud PC Difference

We’ve had customers up and running with hundreds of cloud desktops, across multiple cloud regions, in a few days. It can be done!  In this demo, you can watch us spin up 2,000 cloud desktops across Google Cloud regions in under 5 minutes. Does that sound like the kind of flexibility and agility you need for your business? This is the Workspot cloud PC difference. If you’re ready to learn more, schedule a demo and let’s explore your requirements. No one can do what we do, so make sure Workspot is on your short list!