The need to work from anywhere has accelerated digital transformation for many organizations. Workspot and Google have partnered to deliver low-latency, Windows 10 cloud desktops and workstations on Google Cloud, making it possible for organizations to empower remote work through an agile, cost-effective SaaS model.

Why Workspot on Google Cloud?

Imagine being able to create thousands of Windows 10 cloud across multiple Google Cloud regions in minutes, and then managing them all from a single pane of glass. Your users can access their Windows 10 cloud desktop from any device – Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and HTML5. Ready to see it in action?

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Watch us spin up 2,000 cloud PCs in two Google Cloud regions in under 5 minutes!

Windows 10 Cloud Desktops

With the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform on Google Cloud, IT can provision thousands of enterprise-ready Windows 10 cloud desktops across cloud regions in minutes, anywhere in the world. Enterprises achieve unprecedented business agility, while also dramatically simplifying IT.

Workspot is engineered to work with the IT tools you use already so you can avoid disruption to your current IT processes. When you deploy Windows 10 desktops on Google Cloud via Workspot, you’re able to use your existing Windows 10 image, your MFA solution and your security solutions.

Workspot cloud desktops on Google Cloud offer outstanding performance and customizability to meet enterprise needs.

Workspot is the only 100% cloud-native SaaS solution for cloud desktops
on Google Cloud. Your users will love the performance! Learn more.

Workspot eliminates IT complexity and budget anxiety with its SaaS cloud PC platform, featuring flat-rate pricing.

Turnkey SaaS with
Flat-rate Pricing

Workspot’s turnkey, cloud PC solutions have changed everything about how virtual desktops are deployed and managed, including the economics. In comparison to legacy, on-premises and cloud VDI, we’ve eliminated complexity; our cloud PC service takes care of all the heavy-lifting for you. Our no-surprises, flat-rate pricing includes a choice of multiple cloud PC and cloud workstation configurations to suit each user’s needs, Go-Live Deployment Services, and standard support. But what sets us even further apart from other solutions is that we also include the cost of Google Cloud compute, so your cloud PC costs are totally predictable.

Multi-Region Deployment for Unbeatable Performance & Agility

VDI is ineffective for distributed organizations because it was designed for a single data center, and its high costs and complexity make it prohibitive to deploy in multiple locations. As a result, remote users suffer slow performance that kills productivity. With Workspot, IT admins can select the configuration of cloud PC or GPU workstation they want and deploy them to any user worldwide – with just a few mouse clicks. Because the cloud PC is placed in the cloud region nearest the user, latency is minimal, which results in great performance for users, while the business is ready to engage on new opportunities anywhere.

Deploy Windows 10 Cloud PCs into multiple cloud regions for low-latency, high- performance access.
Workspot has real-time visibility into system behavior to help IT stay in front of problems that may arise.
Workspot’s big data engine analyzes system behavior in real-time.

Your Business SLA Matters Most

Workspot assumes responsibility for the reliability of your cloud PCs. Our 99.95% cloud PC Service Level Agreement (SLA) is second to none, but we don’t stop there. Our sophisticated Network Operations Center (NOC) gives our Support team unified, real-time visibility into every Workspot user globally, so if we see an issue brewing, whether it’s with connectivity, performance, or password errors, our team can proactively alert your IT team to help avoid a loss in user productivity. Strengthening your overall business SLA to keep your business up and running is job #1 for our Customer Support Team.

Workspot and Google Innovation

Enterprises want choices and flexibility.

The Google Anthos platform enables a customer to deploy and operate container workloads on-premises, in multiple clouds and the edge.

Workspot is architecturally similar and analogous to Google Anthos. Workspot enables a customer to deploy and operate Windows 10 Cloud PCs on-premises, in multiple clouds and the edge, offering maximum flexibility and agility to enterprises.

Workspot is analogous to Google Anthos.

White Paper: The Modern Way to Work

Download the white paper to learn more about how the Workspot
Desktop Fabric enables you to create the modern way to work.