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Virtual Desktops and Apps on Google Cloud

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Why Workspot on Google Cloud?

The need to work from anywhere has accelerated digital transformation for many organizations. Workspot and Google have partnered to deliver Windows 10/11 and Linux virtual desktops and apps on Google Cloud, making it possible for organizations to empower remote and hybrid work through an agile, cost-effective SaaS model. Workspot uses Google Compute Engine with sole tenancy to deliver virtual desktop and app solutions, enabling our customers to take advantage of the massive scalability, security and outstanding performance of Google Cloud.

Imagine being able to create thousands of Windows 10/11 and Linux virtual desktops across multiple Google Cloud regions in minutes, and then managing them all from a single pane of glass. Watch our video to see how easy it is!

Delivering enterprise applications, such as SAP and Microsoft Office, is easy too. Your users simply access their virtual desktops – or just the apps they need –  from their device of choice – ChromeOS, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows or HTML5 – no matter where they are working. With Workspot’s modern VDI platform on Google Cloud, you can achieve the industry’s highest availability and strengthen security, all while delivering an outstanding user experience.

This is how you prepare for the future of work, however it evolves. Workspot and Google Cloud have you covered today and tomorrow. Ready to see it in action? Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform solutions are available through the Google Marketplace.

The Google team weighs in on Workspot’s compelling benefits.

Enterprise-Ready Windows 10/11 Virtual Desktops

Workspot’s innovative VDI platform on Google Cloud enables IT teams to provision thousands of enterprise-ready Windows 10/11 and Linux virtual desktops across clouds, cloud regions, and on-premises infrastructure in minutes, for the ultimate flexibility in workload placement. Enterprises achieve unprecedented business agility, while also dramatically simplifying IT.

Being enterprise-ready means we don’t disrupt your current IT processes. Workspot can integrate with the IT tools you already use. When you deploy virtual desktops on Google Cloud via Workspot, you’re able to use your existing Windows 10/11 image and your existing MFA and security solutions. Unlike other VDI solutions, we don’t require you to change the security and management tools you’ve already carefully chosen. You can manage your new virtual desktops just like you manage your other PCs.


Demo: Watch us spin up 2,000 virtual desktops in two Google Cloud regions in under 5 minutes!

Cloud-native VDI with Customizable Pricing Per Use Case

Our cloud-native, enterprise-ready platform for delivering virtual desktops and apps has changed everything about end-user computing, including the economics. In comparison to legacy VDI, we’ve eliminated complexity; our virtual desktop service brings the ultimate flexibility for enterprises to deliver mission-critical workloads from on-premises and cloud infrastructure with the highest reliability.

Workspot is available in Google Marketplace and offers flat-rate pricing for both persistent and concurrent use cases. Infrastructure is purchased from Google or a partner directly, allowing our clients to take advantage of enterprise agreements and discounts Google offers. Google’s pricing models are based on a choice of virtual desktop configurations to suit each user’s needs.

We eliminate IT complexity and budget anxiety with our modern VDI platform, featuring flexible pricing models.

Multi-Region Deployment for Unbeatable Performance & Agility

VDI is ineffective for distributed organizations because it was designed for a single data center, and its high costs and complexity make it prohibitive to deploy in multiple locations. As a result, remote users suffer slow performance that kills productivity. With Workspot, IT admins can select the virtual desktop configurations they need for each use case and deploy them to any user worldwide – with just a few mouse clicks.

Because the virtual desktop is placed in the cloud region nearest the user, latency is minimal, which results in great performance for users. Now you can hire the best people no matter where they live, so your business is ready to engage on new opportunities anywhere.

Deploy Windows 10/11 and Linux virtual desktops into multiple Google Cloud regions for low-latency, high-performance access.

Your Business Uptime Matters Most

Workspot assumes responsibility for the reliability of your virtual desktops. With our innovative Global Desktop™ feature you can rely on our 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) – second to none in the industry. But we don’t stop there.

Our sophisticated data collection, analysis and correlation engine, Workspot Watch, fuels our Network Operations Center (NOC) which operates 24 x 7 to provide your IT Team and our Customer Support Team with unified, real-time visibility into the behavior of every Workspot virtual desktop globally. If an issue is brewing, whether it’s with connectivity, performance, or password errors,  your IT team can take action immediately to help avoid a loss in user productivity. More powerful is our ability to parse millions of data points to identify patterns that could indicate a security risk, or if a recent operating system or application update is causing problems across our user base, we’re positioned to escalate that with the vendor for faster resolution.

Workspot Trends™ is another industry-first feature that combines end-user feedback from in-product surveys with granular performance data, so you can gain a deep understanding of every end user’s experience and then fine-tune for the best working environment.

Together, Global Desktop, Watch and Trends strengthen your overall business SLA to keep your organization operating at full-speed.

The Workspot Watch big data engine analyzes system behavior in real-time.

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