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Tidy Up Your IT Infrastructure & Find Joy in Cloud Desktops!

There’s a best-selling book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. Have you heard of it? Now it’s a Netflix series featuring the author, Marie Kondo, and she’s creating lots of buzz taking on “collectors” who have unusual attachments to “stuff” and gently helping them let go. The idea is to focus only on the things that “spark joy”. I propose that you apply the same concept to help move forward to Windows 10 cloud desktops!

Listen, Thank and Eject

Far be it from me to judge, but Kondo’s methods make me wonder about IT teams who are hanging on to their data centers and their physical PCs and workstations too long. As Kondo suggests, maybe you should “listen” to your servers, routers, switches, PCs, $10K GPU workstations, and your legacy VDI clutter. When you do, what are they saying to you? “You just don’t deserve anything better than this.” You’re destined to be a slave to infrastructure.” “You don’t have anything better to do anyway, might as well micromanage VDI.” Clearly, none of your infrastructure actually “sparks joy”. Am I right? Well then, it’s time to take a tip from Marie Kondo; “thank” all your outdated IT infrastructure, and then get rid of it. Now you can move on! Moving on in this context means preparing your organization for the future – for all the new business opportunities you can pursue when you have IT solutions that are flexible, that scale across the globe in minutes, and that save time and money. Moving on means new-found business agility that Cloud PCs and cloud GPU workstations offer.

Workspot Sparks Joy

So what do you think about these Cloud PC benefits? Do they spark joy for you?

  • Access to 50+ “data centers” via Microsoft Azure
  • Better than physical PC performance
  • Easy, horizontal scalability across the planet
  • Predictable costs with flat monthly pricing
  • One-click PC disaster recovery to protect the business

Our customers tell us these are keepers, and you can’t achieve any of them with on-prem VDI or physical PCs, but you can with Workspot Desktop Cloud and Workstation Cloud. Here’s how:

50 Data Centers? Sure, Why Not?

It’s time to think big. Latency has actually made your data center joyless for IT and users alike. In a blog from November, our CEO, Amitabh Sinha envisions VDI that spans 1000 data centers. Why? Because we can. Workspot’s architecture uniquely allows us to actually do this. No one else can.

Performance You’ve Only Dreamed About

Over and over our GPU workstation solution on Azure has been put through rigorous testing by CAD engineers, the most demanding users on Earth, and by architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) IT teams – the biggest virtual desktop skeptics on Earth. Bottom line? We’ve set a new standard for virtual desktop performance that is literally transforming the AEC industry. That is some serious joy!

Planet-Scale Virtual Desktops

Computing in the cloud era required a whole new architecture, so Workspot invented it. It’s cloud-native, and that’s really important, but only a globally distributed architecture will give you horizontal scalability across Azure regions around the planet. That means that every new cloud region made available brings compute power closer to the edge and closer to the user. That’s the Workspot difference!

Predictable Costs and Better TCO

We took a close look at the three primary ways of deploying virtual desktops: On-prem VDI, Do-it-yourself cloud desktops, and Workspot’s turnkey cloud PC service on Azure. After crunching the numbers and testing them with some customers, we found that Workspot is saving them 30-40% over the other deployment models – and those numbers are conservative. So for additional joy, Workspot offers lower total cost of ownership ( TCO) and predictable, flat monthly pricing!

Simplify & Improve Disaster Recovery

It’s time to say “thank you” to that mobile recovery unit you have on order and that alternative office space at-the-ready, and then cancel those services. The modern way to get people back to work after a business disruption is to make sure they are in a safe place, then turn on their cloud PCs with just one click. While there’s no notion of joy in this, it’s good to know that if disaster does strike, you’ll have a simple and affordable way to get the business on the road to recovery.

No Reason to Wait

Virtual desktops with better than physical PC performance, available today across 50+ Azure cloud regions, that are enterprise-ready, ease disaster recovery, and offer business agility at levels never possible previously – all with predictable pricing and the lowest TCO – that sure sounds good!

Like the many people who’ve found inspiration in “tidying up” their homes, I hope you’ll be inspired to take your organization into the future. Say your final goodbyes to your data center and find peace-of-mind and joy in your new cloud PCs!