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On the Roadmap with Workspot Cloud PCs – June 2022

By: Matthew Davidson

Welcome to the June 2022 edition of “On the Roadmap with Workspot Cloud PCs,” our at-a-glance blog series highlighting new features you can use to maximize your Workspot Cloud PC experience. In June our focus is on the areas of  business continuity, security , imaging, and end-user performance.

Let’s jump right in and look at some of the recent features you can use to maximize your Workspot experience.

Spotlight Feature:

Our spotlight feature this month is our Global Desktop! The global desktop allows your end-user to click a single VM icon in their client that is connected to one or more Cloud PCs. Those Cloud PCs can be setup in multiple clouds and/or regions and are used to deliver one of the following experiences:

  • Never-fail Cloud PC – Always available regardless of what is happening with a cloud provider
  • Traveling Cloud PC – Delivers a Cloud PC closest to the user as they travel, reducing latency

The Global Desktop has a 99.95% guaranteed SLA on the entire virtual desktop, not just the broker, as with other solutions. Did you know that Workspot is the only company that offers an SLA on the desktop!?

Other Key Workspot Cloud PC Features:

Focusing on security, you now can assign multiple Protocol Policies per “Desktop VM” or “Pools” allowing you to deliver different policies depending on the end-user’s location – internal or external – to your corporate network.

Our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers can now set an Extended Time Limit after the Pool is updated with their new golden image to allow their software solution (SCCM, Desktop Central, etc.) to push application installations before the VM is shutdown. By default, in GCP, the VM is powered off after the pool is updated.

The end-user experience is everything. As part of our continuing focus on end-user performance, clients using Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Chrome and Chromebook devices, now have multi-monitor and printing support.

If you would like to take a deeper dive into these Workspot Cloud PC updates, please reach out to your CS team and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you and even show you how they specifically apply to your environment.

Stay tuned for the July edition for more updates and innovation spotlights!