Business SLA Driven by Real-Time NOC

We guarantee a 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for our cloud PC service, but that’s just table stakes. We are committed to delivering the best business SLA through our real-time Network Operations Center (NOC) & pro-active cloud support. We help keep your business up and running. Here’s how.

Comprehensive Instrumentation

Monitoring Your Cloud PC Performance

We can’t control everything, but we can provide valuable data to help you stay in control. In the vast majority of cases when users are not able to access their cloud desktop, or when performance is poor, it’s because of an infrastructure issue outside our control. Perhaps IT changed DNS settings, or the VPN connectivity between the public cloud and the data center went down. Because we have instrumented all the layers of our Cloud Desktop Fabric™ (client, agents, network, connectors, cloud, gateways and other sources), we collect user behavior data in real time, and we can alert you to potential and real-time performance issues and other errors that could impact your business.

Workspot NOC is a Big Data Analysis Engine
Big data analysis is the foundation of our innovative
Business SLA support.
Workspot has deep visibility into system performance to help strengthen Business SLA
Workspot’s Network Operations Center (NOC) provides deep visibility into real-time events.

Real-time Visibility

Workspot NOC Team Pro-active Support

Through the Workspot Network Operations Center (NOC), our Customer Support team has real-time visibility into every user, for every customer, in every region. We use that data to proactively and in real time determine both the root cause and blast radius of a problem. Our NOC team is able to reach out to you proactively if we notice multiple users having a problem or if we suspect an infrastructure failure is going to have a large blast radius. This is illustrative of the deep partnerships we have with our customers to support business SLA excellence and help their businesses grow.

Backup & Restore

Workspot offers a backup and restore solution for cloud desktops located within the same cloud region to enable IT organizations to address a wide range of possible scenarios that could result in end-user downtime or impact compliance with legal policies.

With Workspot cloud desktop backup and restore in place, one or more copies of each user’s persistent cloud desktop are made within the same cloud region. If a problem arises, the IT administrator can quickly restore the desktop(s) to the last best-known state.

One or more copies of each user’s persistent desktop is made in their primary cloud region.
A copy of each user’s persistent desktop is stored in their primary region and an alternate region.

Multi-Region Disaster Recovery

With Workspot Multi-Region Resilience for Cloud Desktops, a copy of each user’s persistent desktop is stored in their primary Azure region, but also replicated to a secondary region to support the scenario where their primary region is unavailable. With a few clicks, IT administrators can activate the cloud desktops in the secondary region. Users stay productive by launching their Workspot client on any device and securely accessing their cloud desktop in the alternate region until the primary region is restored.

Executive Brief: Workspot Cloud Desktop Backup-Restore

Download the brief for more details about Workspot cloud
desktop business continuity solutions.