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Thanks for the Desktop Cloud Kudos, Microsoft!

Author: Rod Hoffman

Microsoft has given us a very special award! We believe awards come in many forms. They can be as simple as the personal gratification one gets from a job well done or a “thank you” from a customer when you’ve gone the extra mile to help them out. Then there are the “big” awards that come with the recognition that you’re doing something really meaningful – at scale. On June 28th David Willis, CVP US OCP group at Microsoft, notified Workspot that we’d been chosen for the 2018 MSUS Partner Award – Partner Seller. That’s a long title, but what it means is that we are doing amazing work for our customers, and that is the best award we can receive!

Workspot was one of only 37 US Partners recognized for a MSUS Partner Award honor, selected by the Microsoft executive team for “showing leadership in customer impact, Azure-based solution innovation, driving deployment of virtual PCs in the Azure cloud, and making exceptional use of Azure’s advanced features.” This really means something to the Workspot team, because we live and breathe customer satisfaction. It’s the whole reason for starting Workspot; to make sure customers quickly and affordably realize the benefits of virtual desktops.

 Cloud-native solution produces exceptional performance

We’ve been very busy delivering a truly innovative, cloud-native virtual desktop and application delivery solution – specifically designed for the Azure cloud – to customers all over the world. When our joint customers purchase Workspot Desktop Cloud, they enjoy a turnkey, cloud PC service that features free deployment and flat-rate subscription pricing (including the cost of Azure!). It’s our “Born in the Cloud” architecture that makes the solution enterprise-class and insanely simple to deploy, support and manage, and it’s Azure that makes it possible to locate virtual desktops in any of the 54+ regions globally – so your users are close to their desktops and get amazing performance. There’s no marketing hyperbole there. One customer said, “We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot on Azure.” Another customer is seeing 12 ms response times with Workstation Cloud. Unlike older legacy architectures offered by other VDI providers, the Workspot solution takes full advantage of Azure’s advanced technologies to deliver super-fast performance to customers located anywhere in the world.

The great data center exodus

As Gartner Research Director Tiny Haynes noted, “By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center, versus 10% today.”Organizations of all sizes are fleeing from the data center business to take advantage of public clouds like Azure. You can read more about this in our blog “Your Data Center is Dead, Long Live Azure!” Considering that only 10% of enterprises have actually declared their data centers dead, Workspot is looking forward to continuing working closely with Microsoft to help customers achieve a kind of business agility we’ve never seen before: Adopting virtual PCs and workstations in the cloud produces new revenue opportunities, because you can suddenly hire the best talent anywhere in the world and be closer than ever to your customers. Another customer told us “Workspot will change everything for our business”. We really have changed everything about the way virtual desktops are deployed and managed, which can be a real competitive advantage for our customers.

We are thrilled that Microsoft has recognized us with an award that reflects our dedication to customer success, and we proudly accept it on behalf of our customers, knowing that together, Workspot and Microsoft we are helping them achieve more!


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