Modern, SaaS Cloud Desktops

Why Workspot cloud desktops? Workspot’s Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform is a 100% cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud desktop solution that solves the cost and management complexity problems of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and physical PCs. We completely reinvented VDI to accommodate the massive scale of the cloud era. Workspot enables simplicity, enterprise-readiness, and global availability, so you can pursue new business opportunities anywhere.

Fastest Time-to-Value

Legacy, on-premises VDI solutions can take months to build, with substantial investment in both datacenter hardware and the IT expertise to manage these complex, interdependent systems. The cost and complexity of these outdated solutions add up over time and becomes operationally unsustainable.

Compare costs of legacy VDI to Workspot cloud desktops.

When we reinvented VDI technology, we innovated the business model too. Workspot’s Customer Success Team makes sure your deployment is successful – fast. They work with you to optimize your cloud desktops specifically for your organization, and they can have you up and running in days or weeks, depending on your readiness. Once Workspot is configured with your image, persistent and non-persistent desktops can be deployed worldwide in a matter of minutes, in any configuration your users need. 

“Getting a cloud desktop ready, up and running was less than a week with Workspot.”

– Israel Sumano, Sr. Director Infrastructure, Southland Industries

Why DIY When You Can Have SaaS?

Other virtual desktop solutions, whether on-premises or in the cloud, are a collection of many infrastructure elements and services. It requires a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, and you need to have the expertise to cobble all those elements together to provision virtual desktops and maintain the system. With all that complexity comes a hefty price tag, as operational costs increase over time.

Why Workspot cloud desktops? With our SaaS platform you can dramatically simplify end user computing. The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform delivers fully customized cloud desktops to meet your organization’s requirements. Unlike DIY virtual desktop solutions, with Workspot’s SaaS, there’s no infrastructure, no maintenance, and no upgrades for you to worry about. Manage your entire cloud desktop implementation through Workspot Control – a single pane of glass – and free your level 2 and 3 IT resources to work on more strategic tasks. From deployment to world-class support, we do the heavy lifting for you!

Global Deployment – In Minutes

Imagine if you could spin up cloud desktops anywhere in the world, in just a few minutes. With Workspot, you can. Most cloud VDI solutions stem from legacy, on-premises predecessors that were architected to support users in a single location. Those services were moved to the cloud but were not re-engineered to take advantage of the sheer scale the public cloud provides. Consequently, with those products, IT has to manage cloud desktop deployments separately, in each region. That’s a complex and resource-intensive undertaking.

Our Desktop Control Fabric™ architecture is fundamentally different than other VDI platforms.  With Workspot, you gain planet-scale control. Using a single, web-based console, IT can deploy and manage desktops in any cloud region, in a matter of minutes. That means you have the agility to respond to business dynamics in minutes too. And there’s no learning curve or new processes; you can continue using your standard desktop management tools such as SCCM or InTune, making it a snap to keep your cloud desktop users up to date and secure.

Provision tens, hundreds or thousands of Workspot cloud desktops across Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, globally, in minutes!

Let Workspot take responsibility for your desktop SLA and free your
IT team to deal with more strategic matters.

Keep Your Business Up & Running

Workspot takes responsibility for the cloud desktop uptime, but our impact goes way beyond that. Our cloud-native architecture enables a 99.95% cloud desktop Service Level Agreement (SLA), but that’s the least you should expect. Business SLA is what really matters. It encompasses all the IT elements that keep your business alive, and Workspot helps with that too. Our real-time Network Operations Center (NOC) helps drive the best possible Business SLA through the following innovative features:

  • Deep instrumentation within all layers of the stack collects data – from clients, agents, infrastructure, and networks
  • Proactive, real-time root cause and blast radius analysis
  • Predictive data analytics identify system failures, generate alerts

Many of the problems that are experienced by users happen because of issues with components that are external to Workspot’s solution. While we cannot solve those problems, our predictive data analytics engine and our world-class customer support can alert customers to them so you can take action faster and avoid widespread impact.

Why Workspot Cloud Desktops? Your Success is Our Success

From day one, Workspot has gone way beyond customer satisfaction. We’re in the business of happy, successful customers who can easily achieve their growth objectives by successfully deploying the Workspot cloud VDI solutions.

Go-Live Services Included

Our team is responsible for ensuring your Workspot solution is up and running. Your subscription pricing includes go-live services to ensure your success. These services include helping you optimize your corporate images, configuring the network & MFA, and making sure that your end-users experience exceptional performance.

Standard Support Included

After you go live, we provide free, standard support services, including Workspot upgrades and maintenance. 24×7 and premium support plans are also available.

Why Workspot Cloud Desktops? innovative Customer Success model ensures cloud desktop success.
Workspot’s innovative Customer Success model is unmatched in the industry.

White Paper: The Modern Way to Work

Now you can have the “Perfect PC” – the best endpoint for the job plus Windows 10 cloud PCs on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Learn more about the Workspot difference!

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