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Workspot News: Great People Drive Great Companies

From day one, Workspot’s mission has been making customers successful by surrounding them with unmatched technology and a level of service that sets a new standard for how virtual desktops are deployed and managed. To do any of this requires top-notch people – to invent the technology, to apply it to customer requirements, to run and guide the company, and to serve as advocates for our customers at every point in their journey.

Workspot Advisory Board Expands

This week we announced the addition of another outstanding leader to the Workspot family, John McKinley. The founder of Great Fall Ventures, a seed- and early-stage investment and advisory firm, there’s no doubt that the extensive technical and management experience John brings to the Workspot Advisory Board will help drive forward our mission. John has served as the chief technology officer of multiple global organizations, including Merrill Lynch, AOL and News Corporation, and has served on the boards of several public and private companies. His passion for helping companies work with their go-to-market strategies is a valuable resource for the company as we continue on an exciting growth trajectory. In addition to serving as an advisor for multiple technology companies, McKinley has also been an investor in a several early-stage companies that had exits with Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Symantec, among others.

History of “Greats” at Workspot


It began with our founders, who in 2012 decided that the virtual desktop solutions available just weren’t good enough. After all, year after year we proclaimed it “the year of VDI”, but it never came to be. Traditional VDI solutions were typically deployed in one or two departments with the intent of expanding, but then the reality of the complexity, and therefore, the high cost of deploying and maintaining these solutions became clear, often delaying expansion or halting the project completely. In the early days of Workspot, some great minds, including that of virtual desktop industry expert and Workspot CEO Amitabh Sinha, knew there was a better way that would actually deliver all the performance, security, and flexibility benefits that had been elusive for so long. Workspot’s founders were right. Today we have a cloud-native, Enterprise SaaS platform for delivering virtual desktops from an infinite number of public cloud regions, and that is transformational for companies seeking the ability to respond to business dynamics in real time, while also strengthening security, simplifying IT processes and reducing end user computing costs.

Customer Success and Support

Our customers will tell you that beyond the technology platform, the best thing about Workspot is our Customer Success and Support teams (too bad they don’t usually meet our engineers – these are the amazing people behind the scenes innovating our platform!). This is what I like best about being involved in a customer call to understand how they are doing. Inevitably we hear stories about the responsiveness and care each and every one of these team members brings to our customer relationships. I think this really reflects the culture of our company at every level, in every department. We have had the good fortune to hire people throughout the organization who truly care about our customers. That customer-centricity is what makes the company tick.

Advisors and Board Members

Probably the most widely-known of our board members is Mark Templeton, former CEO Of Citrix, a pioneer in the virtual desktop industry. After serving on our Advisory Board for several years, Mark joined our Board of Directors, because he believes that Workspot is delivering on a long-held vision for “utility” computing that just works. When you put Amitabh, Mark and John in a room, magic starts to happen – that’s a lot of brain power and visionary energy combining to help create great new ideas that serve our customers. All our Advisors and Directors are the highest quality people who contribute significant value to Workspot, and we are very grateful to have them on the team.

Everyone Else!

Whether Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Finance etc… we all have a single force driving us: customer success. It’s a wonderful thing to all be marching in the same direction, with customers at the center of everything we do. By the nature of being a SaaS company, we are closer to our customers than many organizations, and that puts everyone in the company in a place where we continually learn from our customers and then re-invest those lessons into our products and into the operational aspects of the company.

That was a long way of saying “welcome John,” and thank you to all the great people at Workspot who, no matter their formal role in the company, are all on the Customer Success team!

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