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Workspot News: Workspot and Hyundai Innovate in Manufacturing

The last decade has presented us with particularly brutal business disruptions, primarily weather and climate change related. Many organizations are at least somewhat prepared to bounce back from these kinds of temporary events, but nothing prepared us for a year-long business disruption in the form of a pandemic. This massive interruption has underscored long-ignored requirements that go well beyond supporting remote working. The manufacturing industry, in particular, with its vast supply chain partnerships and commensurate collaboration needs, can benefit substantially by moving desktop workloads to the cloud.  The unprecedented agility cloud desktops and workstations bring to manufacturing firms allows them to quickly respond to new opportunities and changing business dynamics, while also strengthening business continuity measures.

This week, Workspot announced that leading auto manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Group, has implemented the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™, Workspot’s SaaS platform for delivering cloud desktops, apps and cloud workstations from public cloud regions around the globe to any device, anywhere. Hyundai’s goal in selecting Workspot is to streamline collaboration with its global partners by using cloud desktops. Improving collaboration across teams, whether they are internal project teams or supply chain partners, is one of the most powerful benefits of using cloud desktops and workstations. Project teams cannot afford to waste time waiting for a never-ending series of file and data uploads and downloads – which can often take hours – as they share large, graphics-intensive datasets. The cost of project delays is just too high.

Prior to Workspot, Hyundai’s global network of partners and suppliers used a VPN to share files and data. The problem is that traditional VDI and VPN solutions were designed for a single data center, which can result in both IT complexity and poor end user performance – especially for remote employees, partners and contractors. Hyundai found VPN performance to be variable, especially when people needed access to large design files. In response to the performance difficulties faced by VPN users, Workspot partner Soundpipe Korea recognized that Workspot’s cloud-native solution would improve Hyundai’s supply chain access for partners by placing cloud desktops in the closest Microsoft Azure region to each user. This would solve the performance problems because every user is so close to an Azure cloud region that their level of latency is imperceptible. Additionally, the SaaS approach to virtual desktops aligns perfectly with Hyundai’s overall cloud-first strategy, bringing new levels of flexibility to the business.

With over 40,000 unique users and partners within the company’s supply chain system, the productivity boost that real-time collaboration can have on the manufacturing process is substantial. Hyundai is using Workspot to deploy customized desktops across seven Microsoft Azure regions, accessed by users in over 40 countries around the globe. At any given time, partners can access the secure partner portal to easily collaborate on files and projects, and they can expect stunning performance.

By implementing Workspot, Hyundai is able to:

  • Keep partners happy with seamless, fast, and reliable access to Hyundai applications
  • Place each desktop in the cloud region closest the user for optimal performance, even when accessing very large files
  • Reduce the burden on their internal help desk because of Workspot’s operational simplicity
  • Enhance its security with global monitoring of all activities from within a single console

Workspot cloud desktops provide the performance, real-time collaboration and security organizations like Hyundai need, while also enabling IT teams to efficiently scale cloud desktop resources to immediately onboard new employees and easily accommodate contractors for temporary projects. Overall, SaaS cloud desktops position global manufacturing organizations to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

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