Workspot is an insanely simple, turnkey service for delivering enterprise-class virtual desktops, apps, and workstations from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.  We deliver value to you on day one with our unmatched business model, offering customers flat-rate subscription pricing that includes Azure and Google Cloud compute costs and Go-Live Deployment Services.

Cloud Workstations for Manufacturing

Manufacturers need modern flexible IT infrastructure to improve efficiency, reduce time to market and ultimately increase the bottom line. Customers in this industry work on large projects and complex workflows with broad range of users in different locations. An efficient collaborative environment between all users successfully brings a project to fruition. Engineers and designers need access to powerful systems for their CAD/CAM 3D modeling workloads, while OEM partners, suppliers and executive staff need remote access to review and approve designs and project bids. Remote users – contractors, on-site engineers and factory floor workers – need to access apps and design models from their mobile devices. And, as the company grows, IT systems and users from new locations have to be integrated to provide seamless access to a unified workflow.

Workspot cloud workstation, cloud desktop and cloud app solutions securely deliver virtual Windows 10 desktops and applications form the cloud to users, anywhere, on any device, including BYOD.

Workspot cloud workstations support manufacturing software such as PTC Creo and Ansys for CAD/CAM design and 3D modeling workloads. By leveraging the power of cloud GPUs,  Workspot solutions enable customers to run high-performance Windows 10 virtual workstations, applications and workloads in multiple cloud regions across the globe. And, because compute, network and storage are co-located in the cloud, users can efficiently collaborate in real-time and increase productivity.

Workspot’s centralized single pane of glass management means new users and locations can be deployed with the click of a button – no need for  expensive consultants or specialized IT admins.


“When we were looking at mobility solutions, the big players just didn’t make sense for our mid-sized firm. When you’re looking at hundreds versus thousands of users, it’s not cost-effective. Workspot is priced in our sweet spot.”

Mike O’Neill – Director of IT, Hydradyne

Benefits of Cloud Workstations for Manufacturing

To expand revenue margins, increase productivity and reduce time-to-market, customers in the manufacturing industry need secure and seamless access to apps and data from anywhere on any device, including BYOD.

Workspot’s innovative solutions provides customers with several benefits to achieve their goals:

  • Workstation, desktop and application access for all types of users, from any location, using any device
  • Real-time collaboration on large, shared CAD and PLM files across multiple locations
  • Engage the best talent in the world without setting up branch offices
  • Full data integrity and security as confidential data remains secure in your Azure tenant
  • Rapidly provision desktops for new users and easily integrate external users during expansions and acquisitions
  • Instant access to additional GPU and CPU power as needed
  • Simplify and consolidate IT infrastructure and make better use of constrained budgets

Solution Brief: Workspot for Manufacturing

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