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Enterprises with a global workforce are increasingly realizing the importance of enabling employees to work from anywhere, while ensuring data security and compliance. Workspot solutions are helping organizations across multiple industries; cloud desktops for remote work support anywhere-productivity, scale on-demand to meet business dynamics, and strengthen your Zero Trust Security policy.

The Problem

Enterprises across the world are increasingly considering remote work as the primary method for operations across their workforce. Traditionally, to conduct work remotely, enterprises have provided people with access to corporate networks either via VPNs or on-premises VDI. Both approaches come with challenges that should be carefully considered.

Scalability, performance, and security concerns are paramount with VPNs. IT teams struggle to scale VPN infrastructure to support the necessary volume of users – both from a technical and budget standpoint. With a VPN, the quality of the end user experience depends greatly on the amount of traffic, as well as the latency and the bandwidth of the remote connection. Further, access to common SaaS applications is also funneled through the data center, resulting in substantially slower performance and reduced end user productivity. Lastly, many organizations are concerned about the security of VPNs; malware has a direct route into the datacenter and sensitive or regulated data can easily be copied to endpoints.

VDI can help secure apps and data but suffers from significant scalability and agility limitations at a time when enterprises need the utmost flexibility to grow. Adding infrastructure to support additional virtual desktop users is expensive and complex to deploy. From an end user perspective, performance can be terrible depending on the distance between the user and the datacenter.

In short, VPN and VDI technologies actually stymie enterprise growth compared with what’s possible today with alternative approaches. Neither of these technologies were designed to address the widespread work-from-home scenarios companies are experiencing today – and for the foreseeable future.

Today’s IT teams require an end user computing solution that supports the ability to flexibly work from anywhere with little or no intervention from IT.

Remote users experience poor performance with VDI

With cloud desktops for remote work, users get no-compromises security and performance



The Solution: Cloud Desktops for Remote Work

Workspot’s cloud-native, planet-scale, SaaS solution for enterprise cloud desktops ensures that CIOs no longer have to worry about the scalability and security of end user computing. Our unique architecture provides a highly secure and scalable SaaS solution that is battle-tested across multiple global enterprises.

Workspot offers service availability in Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud regions globally, which allows IT to dramatically simplify their overhead and processes, reduce latency to deliver better end user performance, and stay agile in support of new business opportunities anywhere in the world.

The Benefits

Enterprises can now easily support remote work anywhere while strengthening Zero Trust Security policy and staying on top of business needs in an uncertain macro environment. Workspot cloud desktops for remote work benefits enterprises in the areas of:

  • Business Agility
    • Pursue new business opportunities beyond prior geographical boundaries
    • Rapidly onboard and off board new employees and contractors
  •  Security
    • Solidify your Zero Trust Security posture
    • Provide IT with single-console visibility across end-user activity globally
  • Data Sovereignty
    • Maintain compliance with local regulations
  • Competitive Advantage
    • Global access to remote talent
  • Lower IT Costs
    • Reduce or eliminate on-premises infrastructure and VPN related costs
    • Reduce cost of maintaining and supporting physical hardware
    • Enable “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD); switch to lower cost end-points


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