In the Spirit of Freedom, Microsoft Keeps FSLogix Independent. Thank you!

Microsoft keeps FSLogix independent! Microsoft just announced the release details of its acquisition of FSLogix last November. Like many others in the industry, I worried that FSLogix would disappear into some far corner of Microsoft with a niche focus. “RIP another good-technology-buried-in-a-big-organization,” I thought. Hoping things might be different, I joined the voices of support… Read more

Workspot Customers Showcase High-Performance Cloud VDI at Autodesk University London

Don’t miss Workspot Cloud VDI at Autodesk University London! At Workspot we’re not shy about sharing the powerful benefits of our turnkey cloud desktop service on Microsoft Azure. Just ask, and I’ll regale you with stories about our growing roster of customers across healthcare, financial services, legal, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and more. Because we… Read more

Guest Blog: CIO Brian Nordmann on How IT Teams Can Create Competitive Advantages

Welcome Brian Nordmann! Our guest blogger this week is the CIO of engineering and environmental consulting firm Dudek, who is sharing his insights about how IT teams can create competitive advantages that attract new opportunities. ******************************** Working closely with our business partners, the Dudek IT team tackled a complicated technology challenge that when solved, became… Read more

Conversations with Customers: With Workspot Cloud Desktops, You’re Ready for Anything

Flexibility and business continuity were the words-of-the-day as I explored the possibilities with a growing, highly specialized healthcare center recently. As their organization evolves, they are coming to terms with the reality of having a small IT team and what that means for focusing their resources. They know it’s not the best use of their time… Read more

The Top 3 Questions to Ask Cloud Desktop Service & DaaS Providers

We’re seeing the mass migration to cloud computing play out across industries, from law firms and healthcare organizations to financial services and engineering/construction firms. Although the differences between industries are significant, each having it’s unique computing requirements for different types of users, they all have one thing in common: They want to grow, and business… Read more