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The promise of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), hasn’t been achieved – even after more than a decade of trying. IT is unhappy because the VDI solution stack is too complex, takes too long to set up, and is too expensive to operate. End users are unhappy because application performance is poor. And businesses are unhappy because rigid legacy VDI solutions don’t meet their agility needs. VDI has come a long way. Now it’s a turnkey cloud service that is simple, enterprise-ready and globally available to fuel enterprise growth.

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Legacy VDI is Costly and Complex

Most virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions today are based on outdated architectures created more than a decade ago. These solutions are complex and expensive, and deploying them often involves a months-long (or even years-long!) project that requires:

  • Hiring consultants to design the deployment architecture
  • Conducting a proof of concept to evaluate the solution
  • Purchasing software, servers, and storage necessary to run the virtual desktops
  • Hiring consultants to implement the solution
  • Running user pilots and refining the deployment

The cost and complexity of these outdated solutions adds up over time, and becomes operationally unsustainable.

Why Cloud VDI?

There’s a better way. Workspot’s global, enterprise-customizable, turnkey cloud VDI service simplifies IT and brings new agility to the business. This modern, VDI cloud enables IT teams to deploy cloud desktops, apps and workstations in days, and scale globally in minutes so the business can grow beyond prior boundaries.

Legacy VDI solutions are notoriously complex. Workspot eliminates complexity.

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Turnkey, enterprise-ready, cloud VDI

Workspot has completely reinvented virtual desktop infrastructure through a cloud-native, globally distributed architecture built for the cloud era. Today, VDI is a massively scalable turnkey, cloud VDI service made possible by the innovations in Workspot’s Global Desktop Fabric™. Each layer of the fabric is fully managed through a single pane of glass, eliminating complexity. The ability to spin up new cloud desktops and workstations in public cloud regions around the world, on-demand, brings new levels of flexibility and agility that fuels business growth.

Enterprise Use Cases for Cloud VDI

Workspot Cloud VDI was built to exceed enterprise requirements for customization and security, while meeting the unique needs of users across the organization. IT teams looking for Windows VDI will find the solution they need with Workspot cloud desktops.

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