Workspot is Taking Desktops to the Cloud

Workspot is a turnkey SaaS platform that allows IT organizations to deliver cloud desktops globally from the public cloud. With Workspot, IT can place Windows 10 desktops and GPU workstations at the edge of the cloud region nearest the users, affording an exceptional end user experience.

Secure, Web-Based Console

Workspot Control is a secure, web-based console IT admins use to provision and manage their Workspot cloud desktops. From a single pane of glass, IT admins can configure and set policies for the Workspot Client, provision users, and provision applications. Workspot Control also acts as a central repository for gathering and storing configuration data, performance data and activity data in the cloud.

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Use a single browser-based admin experience to configure, provision, and monitor cloud desktops and cloud workstations across Azure and Google Cloud regions around the world.
Users launch the Workspot Client on a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, to securely access their cloud desktop or cloud workstation.

Cross-Platform Desktop Client

Workspot Client is a downloadable application that runs on the user’s device. It’s the user’s comprehensive view into the corporate assets, including desktops, applications and data, that IT policies enable that user to securely access. It is available for any device – PC, Mac, Phone, or Tablet. Additionally, users can securely access their desktop and apps through HTML5 from any platform.

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Flexible Workspace Configurations

End users have many different kinds of needs for optimal productivity. Power users cannot compromise on application speed. Knowledge workers need personalized desktops, while call center specialists need secure access to applications fast. Workspot offers multiple configurations for all the different types of users across your organization.

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Workspot offers a robust mix of cloud desktop and cloud workstation configurations to meet the needs of every user.

Business Continuity SLA

Keeping the business up and running is about much more than just the desktop SLA. Workspot’s cloud desktops have built-in disaster recovery, as users can access their cloud desktops from anywhere, using any device. Workspot also offers optional capabilities to further boost business continuity preparedness.

In addition, our big data engine feeds the Workspot Network Operations Center (NOC), which enables us to evaluate performance data and anticipate issues before they impact productivity.

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White Paper: The Modern Way to Work

Forget everything you know about legacy VDI and old-school DaaS. Workspot is different.
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