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Workspot for MSP Partners

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Become a Workspot MSP

Workspot for MSP Partners

Engineered for simplicity, Workspot’s cloud-native VDI technology was designed to operate in the cloud while taking full advantage of the security, ease-of-management, flexibility, and economy benefits compared to traditional VDI technologies that were designed decades ago for on-premises computing.

Workspot’s allows MSP Partners:

  1. Expand / move current on-premises VDI business to an MSP offering in the cloud
  2. Add VDI as a service offering to existing business, without the heavy lift of a legacy VDI platform

Specifically built for MSPs, Workspot combined with your existing VMware vSphere or Nutanix-powered datacenter and the cloud vendors of choice including Amazon Workspaces (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure offers several key capabilities and benefits not possible with any of today’s legacy VDI technology providers.

Become a Workspot MSP

If you…

  1. Aspire to become a VDI MSP.
  2. Are an established VDI MSP facing uncertainty with your current VDI technology vendor.
  3. Are looking to modernize your current service to thrive in a hybrid multi-cloud world.

…then Workspot can enable you to offer the most flexible and economically viable VDI service – designed for the long run – in the shortest amount of time. Workspot offers unique advantages to securely offer consistently great end-user experiences using any of the major public clouds anywhere around the globe, with unprecedented levels of performance, reliability, and insight – at a cost that can fit any budget.

“Welcome to the future of Enterprise Computing. Welcome to Team Workspot.”

– Mark Templeton, Workspot Chairman

Grow Your Business

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform provides partners with an unprecedented opportunity to deliver fast time-to-value to customers, and with that comes greater profitability and business growth for you. We’ve seen it again and again: Move PCs into the cloud and other workloads and data follow, creating opportunities for billable partner services such as consulting & implementation, EU/desktop services and workload migration services to name just a few.

Sample Program Benefits

  • Recurring revenue stream
  • Drive more adjacent services opportunities
  • Joint marketing and co-branding
  • Sales enablement
  • Free technical training
  • Access to Workspot experts & knowledge base

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