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The Problem

Supporting CPU-intensive high-performance computing (HPC) applications and GPU workstations is a challenging requirement for any organization that designs products, whether in the AEC and manufacturing industries, or life sciences companies designing the next medical breakthrough. CAD experts cannot compromise on performance when time-to-market is everything, so the default computing device has always been expensive physical workstations. While highly performant, physical devices come with security concerns and agility barriers.

IT leaders have attempted to address the specific needs of their power users by adopting a variety of technologies, such as VDI solutions, VPNs for remote workers, WAN-connected physical workstations, and others. Unfortunately, the complexity of these solutions and their inability to provide the secure, local-workstation-grade performance required has negatively impacted end user productivity. In many cases, companies have been forced to increase spend on expensive HPC applications and GPU workstations and bypass corporate security measures to enable their power users to get the job done. When performance is slow, user productivity suffers, and this negatively impacts the business.

  • Slow performance
  • Unreliable user experience
  • Lower productivity
  • Security risks

VDI solutions are notoriously complex and fail to perform adequately for power users.

The Solution

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform is a SaaS cloud desktop and workstation solution for high-performance computing that supports high productivity for power users, and low cost and complexity for IT and the business.

  • Blazing Fast Performance: We leverage Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud global regions to provision secure cloud workstations with minimal latency to ensure stunning performance for all your CAD, BIM, and other graphics-intensive applications.
  • Exceptional User Experience: Data can be co-located with compute within the cloud to ensure the fastest file read/write times and fluid 3D CAD and BIM model creation. There is no data corruption or loss, even if your connection to the cloud workstation breaks.
  • Highly Secure: Cloud workstations are not susceptible to theft, loss, malware, or user error. There is no data at any edge device or appliance, and our highly secure architecture ensures data encryption both in motion and at rest.
  • Ease of Collaboration: When all data is centrally located, power users can collaboratively work from a common data environment, minimizing errors and rework.

Remote users get best-in-class security and performance with Workspot

The Benefits

Business Agility
  • Rapidly onboard and off-board employees and contractors
  • Streamline mergers and acquisitions
  • Pursue new business beyond prior geographical boundaries


 Security & Compliance
  • Eliminate reliance on endpoint devices
  • Provide visibility to IT across global end-user activity
  • Maintain data compliance with local regulations
Competitive Advantage
  • Outstanding performance drives higher levels of productivity
  • Real-time collaboration across project teams speeds product delivery
  • Global access to remote talent
Reduced Costs
  • Eliminate logistics and related costs of shipping hardware back and forth
  • Reduce cost of maintaining and supporting physical hardware
  • Enable end-user device independence and save on endpoint costs

A seamless Workspot POC process with seasoned experts who had strong Azure expertise gave Workspot an edge. It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot.”

Matt Hallenborg, Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Operations

Workspot on Google Cloud is the perfect combination of price performance and simplicity.”

Civil Engineering

Flexibility and disaster recovery are strong arguments for choosing Workspot. The cloud approach secures our data better, and we are much better prepared for a business continuity event with the built-in disaster recovery capabilities of cloud desktops.”


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