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The Problem

For years, many organizations have spent significant resources – both money and time – implementing and operating on-premises VDI. The challenges in doing so are no secret; IT teams struggle with integrating numerous VDI elements, ongoing operational and troubleshooting complexity, and the difficult problem of poor performance for end users who are remote from the datacenter. The reality for decades was that on-prem VDI was the only alternative to managing fleets of PCs – with all their complexity and security risks.

As a consequence, IT teams have tolerated problems that go well beyond management complexity, including:

  • Very high up-front CapEx and ever-increasing OpEx
  • Difficulty scaling, with over-provisioning a common practice
  • Inconsistent reliability and lack of actionable, global oversight

To address these challenges and more, Workspot completely reinvented VDI. With an innovative architecture built for massive public cloud scale and Zero Trust Security, enterprises can confidently move away from outdated VDI architectures that limit agility and slow productivity. It’s time to  transform end-user computing.

The Solution

Today you can leave on-premises VDI complexity behind and easily achieve new levels of simplicity and agility with modern VDI. The Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform delivers virtual desktop and apps, with the right configuration for each end user, from Microsoft Azure,  Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Workspot is the only VDI platform that supports your multi-cloud and hybrid strategy and provides innovative business continuity, disaster recovery and high-availability features to keep your business operating at full speed.

Even better? If your employees and contractors are distributed around the world, Workspot delivers performance they’ll love – anywhere, on any device – fueling productivity for the business.

  • Enable greater business agility: Support for your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy and all your use cases
  • Increase productivity: Embedded business intelligence for data-driven performance tuning
  • Reduce Total Cost of VDI Ownership: Start your pilot in one day, go live in 45. No more resource-intensive updates; automatic scaling
  • Achieve industry-leading availability: Global Desktop feature delivers 99.99% availability. Reduce downtime by 80%.

Workspot innovation: A global, multi-cloud fabric that transforms end-user computing.

The Benefits

It’s time to modernize VDI and gain the agility, productivity and cost reduction benefits organizations need to succeed in a dynamic business environment.







Relinquish the Desktop SLA
  • Workspot owns virtual desktop reliability
  • We offload VDI infrastructure upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Reallocate valuable IT resources to more strategic projects
Reduce Costs
  • No more over-provisioning
  • Pay for what you use
  • Automatic scaling on-demand
Gain Agility
  • Support your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy
  • Rapidly onboard and off-board new employees and contractors
  • Pursue new business opportunities anywhere
  • Flexibly expand and contract desktop resources as business conditions change
Fuel Productivity
  • Real-time analytics and alerts for data-driven optimization
  • Reduce help desk tickets by 75%
  • Deliver stunning performance  – even for CAD/CAM use cases
  • Anywhere, any device access seamlessly supports hybrid work



A seamless Workspot POC process with seasoned experts who had strong Azure expertise gave Workspot an edge. It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot.”

Advisor 360 – Financial Services

Workspot on Google Cloud is the perfect combination of price performance and simplicity.”

Civil Engineering

It just works”

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer

Flexibility and disaster recovery are strong arguments for choosing Workspot. The cloud approach secures our data better, and we are much better prepared for a business continuity event with the built-in disaster recovery capabilities of cloud desktops.”

Poyner Spruill – Legal

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