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The Scoop: Workspot Joins IGEL at DISRUPT23 in Munich

The Workspot team is excited to be heading to Munich for IGEL DISRUPT23, which is February 14-16 at the INFINITY Hotel… Read more

Starlink and Workspot Cloud PCs? A Match Made in Space!

Starlink provides satellite Internet access to over 40 countries. Operated by SpaceX, a constellation of 3,300 small satellites currently orbit… Read more

Customer Case Study Video – Rabbinical Courts are leading the way with Cloud Transformation

Rabbinical Courts are leading the way with Cloud Transformation as a part of Israel’s Nimbus Project. Implementing Workspot, Google Cloud helped Rabbinical Courts to enable hybrid work for all of their employees.

Top 10 Criteria to Compare Windows 365 with Workspot Cloud PCs

With remote and hybrid working models becoming the dominant workstyle, organizations of all sizes are adopting desktop-as-a-service to give them… Read more

Solution Brief: Cross-cloud Cost Optimization for Cloud PCs

Not all public clouds are architected in the same manner. Understanding the differences between public cloud characteristics is important in order to avoid unexpected Cloud PC costs.

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The Workspot Center of Excellence for Cloud PCs – Second to None

My journey to Workspot and the Center of Excellence for Cloud PCs is unique. Prior to joining the company as… Read more

Solution Brief: Cloud PC Center of Excellence

With Workspot, world-class technology innovation meets a modern business model. Second to none,
Workspot’s Cloud PC Center of Excellence (COE) is characterized by three important cornerstones: People, Processes, and Tools to ensure your success with Cloud PCs.

Solution Briefs
Workspot NOC – Network Operations Center Demonstration

This is a quick demonstration of the Workspot Network Operations Center (NOC) that is monitoring all Workspot Cloud PCs running across Azure, GCP and AWS around the world.

Webinar: New Strategies for Solidifying Your Ransomware Recovery Plan

Despite billions of dollars spent on ransomware prevention, most cybersecurity experts agree that it’s not a matter of “if” your company will be victimized, but “when.”

You need new strategies to cope. Join us to hear from two experts who will share how to keep your business up and running during the ransomware remediation process. We’ll show you how to get back to productivity fast – often within one hour of an attack.

Workspot Cloud PC Net Promoter Score Part 2: Wow!

A few months ago we proudly presented the results of our first Workspot Cloud PC Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey…. Read more

Case Study: Top 10 Takeaways from a Ransomware Attack

Despite billions of dollars being spent for ransomware prevention, most experts agree that an attack is inevitable. How can you prepare so recovery is swift and effective?

Case Studies
Chart Industries Moves SOLIDWORKS to Cloud Workstations

Cloud workstation thought leaders Bryan Turner (CIO/CISO) and Brian Bostrom (President of Engineering) from Chart Industries share how they transformed their business by migrating to cloud workstations on Microsoft Azure, bringing new levels of security and agility to the company.