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Leading Engineering and Consulting Firm Chooses Workspot to Increase Productivity, Accelerate Growth

Hanson Professional Services improves productivity for CAD users in branch offices with GPU cloud workstations

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Hanson Professional Services Inc. is a nationally recognized, award-winning consulting firm that has provided engineering, planning and allied services since 1954.


Designers in remote offices were unable to work on CAD files because of performance issues when trying to access project data over a VPN connection. With a growing number of branch offices and high-value CAD experts working on projects around the country, the IT team had to find a way to solve this problem.

To grow the firm, more billable hours are needed, and that requires a combination of pursuing new business in any geography and improving productivity for project teams. After being introduced to Workspot by an industry colleague and reviewing its unique capabilities, the IT team gained approval to deploy Workspot in their branch offices.


• Workspot Workstation Cloud next to a virtual Panzura instance in Microsoft Azure
• Workspot GPU cloud workstations running CAD apps on low-cost laptops


• 100% of power users say the Workspot experience is “awesome”
• The IT team is able to spin up new cloud workstations within five to ten minutes
• CAD engineers in remote offices are able to increase billable hours
• The firm can pursue new opportunities regardless of geography
• Expensive laptops are no longer needed; CAD users can use low-cost laptops
• Hanson can hire employees from anywhere to support new business


“Workspot is allowing us to be a lot more productive."

“The ability to spin up cloud workstations or redeploy cloud workstations with our image on it, all done in five minutes, is huge for us.”

Bob Stidham – IT Manager




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