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Architecture Firm Retires On-Prem VDI , Chooses Workspot Cloud-Native DaaS for Agility & Flexibility

SRSSA is able to reduce costs and increase billable hours through use of cloud PCs and workstations

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Founded in 1979, Smallwood is an internationally established design firm providing innovative professional services for corporate, commercial, hospitality, multifamily, industrial, government and educational projects.


With a small IT staff, Smallwood struggled to maintain its legacy VDI environment. Between VDI reliability problems and an inability to respond quickly enough to employees who need to work from home “when life happens,” Smallwood Principal Tim Johannesson and his team realized it was time for a new solution that would give them greater flexibility while reducing IT management overhead.

The firm has a mobile workforce – a team of power users that travel worldwide for design work, another team that travels extensively for project review, plus several on-the-go executives. Additionally, they have employees in Puerto Rico, Singapore, and in U.S branch offices – some who require GPU power and others who do not.

Johannesson was referred to Workspot by a colleague who was also considering the solution.  Johannesson contacted Workspot and a POC ensued.“Our experience with Workspot was about as easy as it could be,” said Johannesson.

“Flawless dependability”, scalability in minutes, and performance that keeps power users happy are all hallmarks of their GPU cloud workstation implementation.


  • Workspot Workstation Cloud
  • Workspot Desktop Cloud
  • A separate pool of cloud PCs is dedicated for use by employees who need to be at home with a sick child or other personal situation


  • Eliminated VDI complexity, allowing reallocation of IT resources to high-value projects
  • Reliability and outstanding performance boost productivity, increase billable hours
  • The best talent can be hired anywhere in the world
  • Employees can stay productive, even if they need to stay home on personal business


“Workspot walked us through all of the steps for rollout; they never left us.”

“We found a partnership with Workspot that allowed our organization to focus on what we do best – be architects. Workspot has taken over the responsibility of making sure our workstations are available for us, and that’s been huge.”

Tim Johannesson – Principal