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With the advent of drones and IoT devices, there has been an explosive growth of data. This has dramatically increased the requirement for processing power. Traditional means of data processing, such as physical workstations, are no longer viable to handle the volume of data being generated.

Workspot Cloud Workstations have enabled organizations looking to enhance their data processing capacity and speed.


Firms are increasingly utilizing drones, for infrastructure and landfill monitoring, rail road surveys, environmental due-diligence, construction site progress and topographic surveys. Traditional methods of collecting site data can yield a few hundred points of resolution, while drone-generated data can have millions of points. The increase in data points collected by drones results in the need for high performance processing and visualization in order to present a high resolution 3D point cloud model.

Typical drone data processing times on traditional workstations are on the order of “days”. Additionally, physical workstations experience performance deterioration rather quickly and require constant attention by IT personnel for various software updates and hardware break/fix, adding to overall costs.

Workspot customers use Windows 10 Cloud Workstations that leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs on Azure to not only decrease processing times for drone data, but also help firms visualize and analyze the 3D point cloud model on a variety of CAD applications including Autodesk Revit and ArcGIS. Workspot Cloud Workstations can handle multispectral drone data including LiDAR, RGB and infrared.

For example, Dudek utilizes drones for a variety of use cases including surveying large infrastructure, utility and power plant projects. After they switched to Workspot’s Cloud Workstations, drone data processing time was 10x faster.

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