Workspot is a cloud service that enables IT to deploy VDI on-premises, in Azure or both – in just a day.

Workspot Hybrid Desktop Cloud is 10x simpler

The Workspot VDI solution is 10x simpler because it is cloud-native and designed for the modern data center. No more brokers to deploy. Or web interface. Or load balancing. Or provisioning servers. Or databases. Or license servers. No need to worry about high availability of each of those components. You can deploy your desktops in the cloud, on-premises either on legacy 3 tier infrastructure or modern hyper-converged infrastructure, or deploy a hybrid solution.

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What is Wrong with VDI Today?

Legacy VDI solutions are complex and expensive. In order to deploy VDI for their end users, IT teams undertake a months-long (and sometimes years-long!) project that includes:

  • Hiring consultants to design the deployment architecture
  • Conducting a proof of concept to determine the solutions of choice
  • Purchasing software, servers, and storage necessary to run the virtual desktops
  • Hiring consultants to implement the solution
  • Running user pilots and refining the deployment

And finally, once the VDI deployment is in production, IT is saddled with the ongoing challenges and growing operational expense of running a mission-critical service for the business, while having to continuously apply patches, perform upgrades, and troubleshoot hardware and software failures.