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Workspot Cloud Service Level Availability Commitment

Last Updated: December 21, 2023

This Workspot Enterprise Cloud Services Service Level Availability Commitment (“Availability Commitment”) is a supplement to, and is governed by and subject to, the Workspot Enterprise Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”) or other written agreement between Workspot, Inc. (“Workspot”) and a Workspot customer (“Customer”) for providing Workspot Cloud Services. Capitalized terms in this Availability Commitment will have the meanings provided in the Agreement unless otherwise defined in this Availability Commitment.

1. Availability Commitment

Workspot will endeavor to meet the “Monthly Uptime Percentage” (as defined below) for the availability of the Workspot service for providing access to and use of Workspot Control (“Workspot Control Service”) to subscribing End Users of at least 99.9% during any calendar month during the Subscription Term (the “Service Commitment”). For purposes of this Availability Commitment: 

  • The Monthly Uptime Percentage is calculated by subtracting the Monthly Downtime Percentage from 100%. 
  • The Monthly Downtime Percentage is calculated by dividing the number of minutes that the Workspot Control Service is “Unavailable” during the calendar month by the total number of minutes in the month and converting that fraction to a percentage. 
  • The Workspot Control Service is Unavailable if it cannot be reached or is not accessible to Administrative User and End Users, excluding unavailability attributable to “Availability Exclusions” described in Section 4 below. 

2. Service Credit

If Workspot fails to meet the Monthly Uptime Percentage for the Workspot Control Service in a given calendar month during the Subscription Term and Customer provides written notice to Workspot of such failure, Customer will be eligible to receive a Service Credit with respect to such monthly period per the terms and procedures set forth below. 

The Service Credit for the measurement month is calculated as follows (Annual Subscription Fee / 12) times the Service Credit Percentage, where the Service Credit Percentage is determined as follows: 

If the Monthly Uptime Percentage is:

The Service Credit Percentage is:

Equal to or
greater than 95% but less than 99.9%


Less than 95%


Workspot will apply any Service Credits against Fees invoiced by Workspot to Customer during the remainder of the then-current Subscription Term. If the Service Credit cannot be fully offset against amounts owed to Workspot on such invoices, then the Service Credit will be applied against the Fee for the next renewal of the Subscription Term for the Workspot Enterprise Cloud Services. If Customer does not renew the Workspot Enterprise Cloud Services for another Subscription Term, Workspot will then provide an equivalent cash payment to Customer for the remaining Service Credits (net of any amounts due to Workspot) within forty-five (45) days after expiration of the then-current Subscription Term.  A Service Credit will be applicable and issued only if the credit amount for the applicable monthly billing cycle is greater than one dollar ($1 USD). Service Credits may not be transferred or applied to any other account. Except for the right of termination provided in Section 5 of this Availability Commitment, the Service Credits constitute Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any unavailability of Workspot Cloud Services or failure by Workspot to meet the Service Commitment.

3. Requesting and Receiving the Service Credit

To request a Service Credit, Customer must submit a written request for Service Credit to servicecredit@workspot.com, identifying the month(s) and providing the supporting information indicated below with regard to the claimed Unavailability (“Service Credit Request”). To be eligible, the Service Credit Request must be received by Workspot within ninety (90) days after the occurrence of the claimed Unavailability and must include: 

  • The words “SLA Credit Request” in the subject line; and 
  • Customer’s logs that indicate the dates and times of each incident of Unavailability to document the errors and corroborate the claimed downtime (any confidential or sensitive information in these logs should be removed or replaced with asterisks). 

If Workspot confirms that the Monthly Uptime Percentage for Workspot Control Services for the month which is the subject of such SLA Credit Request is less than the applicable Service Commitment, then Workspot will issue the Service Credit to Customer within one billing cycle following the month in which Workspot confirms such SLA Credit Request. Customer will not qualify for a Service Credit if it fails to issue the SLA Credit Request and provide the required supporting information as required above.

4. Availability Exclusions

The Service Commitment and the calculation of Unavailability shall not apply to (therefore no Service Credits will be issued as a result of) any unavailability, suspension, downtime or termination of Workspot Cloud Services (or Workspot Control Services) or any performance issues with respect to Workspot Cloud Services (or Workspot Control Services), attributable to: (i) scheduled or critical systems maintenance activities (whether by Workspot or an IaaS Provider); (ii) suspension, termination or expiration of a Subscription Term or the Agreement or of Customer’s right to use Workspot Cloud Services under the Agreement; (iii) any Workspot Services other than the Workspot Control Service  (iv) availability and/or performance of the Utilized IaaS; (v) activation of the Workspot Business Continuity Services; (vi) factors beyond Workspot’s reasonable control, including any force majeure event (as provided in the Agreement) or other Internet access or related problems beyond the demarcation point of Workspot Control Services; (vii) External Software or other Customer equipment, software or other technology; (viii) third party services equipment, software or other technology (other than third party services, equipment, software or technology within Workspot’s direct control); (viii) the Inactive status of a Workspot Virtual Desktop; (ix) a failure of Customer to implement, configure and/or operate the Utilized IaaS in accordance with the Agreement and Documentation (collectively, the “Availability Exclusions”).

5. Right of Termination

If the average Monthly Uptime Percentage for Workspot Control Services over two or more consecutive calendar months is less than 99.5%, as confirmed by Workspot in response to Customer’s request for Service Credits per the foregoing procedure and based upon the foregoing determination of Unavailability (including after taking into account any Availability Exclusions), then Customer shall have the right to terminate the then-current Subscription Term for Workspot Enterprise Cloud Services and receive a reimbursement of any pre-paid Fees for the unexpired portion of the Subscription Term, and the Agreement shall terminate upon termination of such Subscription Term.