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Workspot Enterprise Business Continuity Service

Last Updated: December 21, 2023

The Workspot Enterprise Business Continuity Service (“BC Service”) is a Workspot Add-On Service governed by and subject to the Workspot Enterprise Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”).  Capitalized terms in this Service Description will have the meanings ascribed in the Agreement unless defined in this Service Description. 

The BC Service is designed for organizations looking to supplement their overall program and procedures for business continuity with ability to provide business continuity with Workspot Virtual Desktops during an unexpected event or incident. 

When Customer activates the BC Service, Workspot Cloud Services will provision the most recent uploaded template(s) and/or known Customer Content, for the Workspot Virtual Desktops under the Workspot Cloud Services based on the configuration set by Customer in the Workspot Control software. 

Business Continuity Service 

1. Configuring Business Continuity Service.
Prior to any activation, the BC Service must be configured with the proper settings in the Workspot Control software and with the Customer’s current template(s). Customer is responsible for completing this configuration in advance as instructed by the Documentation for the BC Service. Without this prior configuration, the BC Service cannot be activated.

2. Providing, Updating, and Verifying Templates

Customer is responsible, on a monthly basis during the Subscription Term, for updating, template(s) for use by the BC Service. Customer is solely responsible for verifying that each template is successfully updated as instructed by the Documentation for Business Continuity Service.

3. Activating and Deactivating Business Continuity Service

Once properly configured, Customer may initiate activation (“Active”) and deactivation of the BC Service within the Workspot Control software per the instructions in the Documentation for the BC Service. 

4. Minimum Subscription Term

The minimum Subscription Term for activating the BC Service to bring the Workspot Virtual Desktop to an Active state is one month, which Customer may continue in calendar monthly increments thereafter. The Fee for this Active state will be invoiced monthly based upon the Subscription Term for the Workspot Enterprise Services and Customer’s continued operation of the BC Service.

The elements and requirements of the BC Service and this Service Description are subject to change without notice.



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