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Workspot Support Services Service Description

Last Updated: July 1, 2021

Workspot Support Services (“Support Services”) are governed by and subject to the Workspot Cloud Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”).  Capitalized terms in this Service Description will have the meanings ascribed in the Agreement unless defined in this Service Description.

Support Services are designed to assist Company if Company is unable to resolve inquiries initiated by an End User concerning the operation of Online Product Services or other incident involving Online Product Services (including Workspot Add-On Services) requiring technical support.  Workspot “Standard Support Services” are made available to Company as an element of Workspot Cloud Services for no additional Fee.  Workspot “Premium Support Services” are offered for an additional Fee under an Order and on a subscription basis for a Subscription Term concurrent with Company’s subscription to Workspot Cloud Services.

Incident Response

1. General Information

 ElementStandard Support PlanPremium Support Plan
Documentation24 x 7 remote access by Administrative Users to Workspot Documentation, whitepapers, and support forums24 x 7 remote access by Administrative Users to Workspot Documentation, whitepapers, and support forums
Access to Technical
Access to Support Engineers via email during Workspot standard business
Access to Support Engineers via email and phone 24 X 7 X 365
Who Can Open Incidents and Engage with Workspot Technical Support PersonnelDesignated Company ContactDesignated Company Contact
Case Severity Target Response TimesCritical/Urgent/Normal < 12 Business Hours
Low < 1 business day
Critical < 1 Hour
Urgent < 4 Hours
Normal < 12 Hours
Low < 1 Business
Workspot Platform Software UpdatesIncludedIncluded
PricingIncluded in Fee for Workspot Cloud ServicesAs set forth on the Order Form

* Workspot standard business hours are M – F, 8 AM – 5PM Customer Designated Time Zone. Customer may select a Designated Time Zone prior to the start of a Subscription Term, which will be effective through the end of that Subscription Term, unless Customer subscribes to Premium Support, in which case Premium Support Hours apply. If Customer does not select a Designated Time Zone prior to the start of a Subscription Term, then the Designated Time Zone will be Pacific Time.

** Workspot will endeavor to respond to Company’s initial Incident request within the corresponding time frames.  Incident requests initiated after Workspot business hours, as may be appropriate, will be handled on the next business day.

2. Severity Levels

Support Severity LevelDefinition
Critical“Critical” Incident means an Error causing catastrophic failures that severely impact the Company’s ability to conduct business. Company’s systems are down or not functioning and business operations are severely disrupted.
Urgent“Urgent” Incident means an Error causing major functionality to be degraded in which the Company’s operation is disrupted but there is an ability to remain productive and maintain necessary business-level operations.
Normal“Normal” Incident means an Error causing partial loss of non-critical functionality. The Error impairs some operations but the Company can continue to function.
Low“Low” Incident means a general usage question, cosmetic issues, request for future product enhancements or modifications

An “Error” is a failure of the Workspot Platform to perform in accordance with the Documentation, subject to limitation and exclusions in the Agreement and the Incident Rejections below.

3. Process

a. Level 1 Support and First Response to Incidents. Company shall direct End Users to make all inquiries regarding the operation of the Workspot Hosted Virtual Desktop Service generally or in conjunction with an incident involving the Hosted Virtual Desktop Services requiring technical support (each an “Incident”) directly to Company designated technical support personnel.  For each Incident submitted to Company by an End User, Company (and not Workspot) has the obligation and responsibility to provide the necessary response and/or technical support directly to the End User.  Company shall diligently attempt to address and resolve all such Incidents.  Only after an unsuccessful attempt at resolving an Incident and after Company reasonably determines that the Incident is due to a failure of the Hosted Virtual Desktop Services, Company may submit the Incident for resolution assistance to Workspot (via  the below procedure) through its designated support contacts (“Designated Company Contact”). The Designated Company Contacts shall be Administrative Users who have been trained on the Workspot Platform and are familiar with the Documentation. A Designated Support Contact may report the issue to Workspot by initiating and submitting a technical support request via a Workspot contact mechanism (a “Support Ticket”), providing the following information for each Support Ticket: (i) Company name and contact info;   (ii Designated Company Contact name and contact information; (iii) Requested severity level; (d) a description of the Incident and reported Error; and (e) steps take to address/resolve and any additional information, if any, relevant to the Incident and reported Error.

b. Level 2 Support and Workspot Involvement. After receipt of a Support Ticket from a Designated Company Contact, Workspot then will respond in accordance with the level of Support Services subscribed by Company (i.e. Standard Support or Premium Support).  Note that Workspot is not obligated to: (i) work on an Incident if there is insufficient information provided by Company to facilitate investigation and analysis;  (ii)  work on an Incident that cannot be reproduced; (iii) work on an Incident related to the Workspot Hosted Virtual Desktop Service which has been modified by Company or a third party (other than a representative of Workspot); or (iv) work on an Incident related to use of the Workspot Hosted Virtual Desktop Service other than as specified by the Documentation or otherwise in breach of the Agreement;  (v) work on an interoperability issue  caused by third party software or devices and/or where the issue also occurs without the presence or operation of the Workspot Hosted Virtual Desktop Service; or (vi) work on any Incident attributable to any other cause external to the Workspot DaaS Services (such as External Software or Company Content) or otherwise beyond Workspot’s reasonable control (each an “Incident Rejection”).  Workspot may identify an Incident as an Incident Rejection in its sole determination and Workspot’s failure to perform Support Services with respect to an Incident Rejection shall neither be deemed a deemed a breach of the Agreement nor a failure to respond to or resolve the Incident.  Company acknowledges and agrees that not all Errors can be corrected. Support tickets may be closed by Workspot if Workspot determines that the Incident or issue is not a failure of the Workspot Hosted Virtual Desktop Service to comply with the Documentation or if the Designated Company Contact fails to respond to queries from Workspot regarding the Incident for more than ten (10) consecutive business days.  Company may re-open a closed technical support request if Company has new information related to the Incident.

Support Service Description Changes

The elements, procedures and requirements of the Support Services, and this Service Description, as made generally available by Workspot are subject to change without notice, provided that Company may terminate its subscription to the Premium Support Plan in the event of any material change reducing the services under such plan.

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