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Digital transformation has many elements, but there’s one aspect you don’t have to worry about anymore: Virtual desktops, apps and GPU workstations. Workspot has you covered with its turnkey service on Microsoft Azure. When combined with Panzura appliances on Azure – access to files has never been faster, designers have never been more productive, and businesses have never been more agile!

Workspot & Panzura Deliver Unmatched Value

  • With Workspot, performance is often better than physical workstations and additional virtual workstations can be deployed on demand in an any Azure region, globally. New revenue opportunities can be pursued anywhere in the world without requiring a dedicated office.
  • Panzura Freedom Filer with Global Read/Write protection ensures that multiple users can safely work on files within the same project without fear of stepping on each other. Copying files is no longer necessary, so everyone knows that they’re always working on the most recently updated files.
  • When Panzura and Workspot are implemented together in Azure, IT is simplified and resources can be reallocated to high-value projects.


Workspot Cloud Workstations and Panzura Filers on Azure

Whether you have a single location or a large global footprint, you can completely modernize your workplace by placing cloud desktops, apps and GPU workstations close to your users in any of 50+ Azure regions worldwide. What can you do with 50+ data centers that are available to you anytime you need them? You can unlock the full potential of your organization and get the benefit of anywhere, anytime productivity. To make your architects and designers most productive, put their raw GPU power as close as possible to their data – all in Azure. Opening files and saving files happens over Gig networks, in a fraction of the time it used to take using VPN over slow networks. When working across the country, place Workspot cloud workstations and Panzura Filers in Azure West and in Azure East.  Use Panzura’s file lock-n-sync capability to allow designers from across the country to collaborate in real time on projects, with the speed of local file access. Deploy the Workspot cloud workstation in the region closest to the designer and watch them smile as they connect to a common data environment on Azure with minimal latency – a phenomenal user experience!

How Mead & Hunt Uses Workspot and Panzura

Andy Knauf, CIO Mead & Hunt

On-Demand Webinar: Workspot & Microsoft Host Mead & Hunt