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Insanely Simple Turnkey Service

The Workspot Desktop Cloud is an insanely simple turnkey service that enables you to implement enterprise-class VDI on Microsoft Azure in as little as a day!

“Insanely Simple Turnkey Service.”
Brad Peterson – VP of Marketing

High Performance GPU Workstation

Better Performance Than Your Physical PC

Your users anywhere in the world will get as good, if not better, performance than their physical PCs.

Flat Rate Pricing

You’ll love our “no-surprises” flat rate subscription pricing. Get virtual apps and desktops with a flat subscription fee that includes Azure costs for all your Workspot cloud PCs and workstations. Plus, standard support, maintenance, and upgrades for the Workspot service are also included.

“Flat Rate Pricing.”
Brad Peterson – VP of Marketing

“Go Live Deployment Services Included.”
Harry Labana – Chief Customer Officer

Go Live Deployment Services Included

Our flat rate subscription pricing also includes our Go Live Deployment Services so you can realize the value of your cloud PCs and workstations fast. We can afford to do that because we made our service insanely simple!

Enterprise-Ready PC in the Cloud

The Workspot solution is enterprise ready. Your users get Windows 10 desktops that are built using your corporate image, the desktops are connected to your Active Directory and your network, they inherit your security policies and GPOs, and you can use your existing tools to manage them if you so choose.

Built Exclusively for Azure

We believe that Microsoft Azure is the best public cloud for Windows workloads, so we’ve tightly integrated our cloud desktop, app and workstation solutions with Azure.

“Built Exclusively for Azure.”
Brad Peterson – VP of Marketing

“Cloud Native Advantage.”
Jimmy Chang – VP of Products

Cloud Native Advantage

The Workspot Desktop Cloud is a modern, multi-tenant solution that scales infinitely. You can easily manage virtual desktops and apps across Azure regions and on-premises data centers using a single pane of glass. No other solution does that!