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Cloud PCs Are a Strategic Imperative NOW

By Michael Keen and Matthew Davidson

As CIOs develop strategies to immediately capitalize on necessary and strategic changes to increase their company’s competitiveness, reduce costs, and better serve their customers, they must navigate both internal and external factors. All this while developing an IT environment and business processes that can readily support not only future changes, but the worldwide changes happening right now.

What Main Factors Impact the Ability the Change?

We find ourselves still dealing with a worldwide pandemic that continues to rage as new variants emerge, which has a continuous impact and threatens the global supply chain and other critical functions and industries. The U.S. and the world economy are teetering on the edge of a downturn/recession, and businesses need to find a way to keep the lights on and continue to grow and be successful.

With IT budgets under this impending threat, CIOs will have even greater difficulty dealing with constant change, but now is not the time to cut back. In conversations with executives recently, I often stated that retrenchment may give you time – but not opportunity, progress, or a future. Change brings new opportunities. The ability to adapt to that change is a significant competitive advantage. However, because change is sometimes disruptive and costly, few businesses are prepared to regularly capitalize on these kinds of change-driven opportunities.

Can You Become the Future Enterprise… Today?

The answer is YES! I’ve been finding a lot lately that corporations only look at what’s happening in their environments, rather than taking a step back and obtaining a fresh perspective. Let’s face it, most businesses in the majority of industries have tunnel vision. They pursue the same opportunities that everyone else pursues; they pass up the same opportunities everyone else passes up. Companies that perceive a different game will win big. The most crucial question for today’s innovators is, “What do you see that your competitors don’t?”

Tom Kelley borrows the term, vuja de from George Carlin in his book, The Art of Innovation. What does this mean? It entails looking at something familiar from a new angle, as if you had never seen it before, and using that new angle to establish a new line-of-sight into the future.

Regarding IT, I must stress that this does not imply that you must be on the cutting edge. You may not have the resources to invest in numerous areas of technology. Still, you must ask yourself, “What must we accomplish to secure the future readiness of our IT organization and ensure the ability of our business to move forward?” One answer is to modernize the DIY on-premises desktop virtualization solution that is being crushed under its own weight of complexity, and the resources needed to support and operate it. The legacy vendors in the virtual desktop space give you the blocks in yellow, hand you a manual, and push you off to tackle this yourself. You are now suddenly responsible for all of the blocks in blue. This is the business that our customers want to get out of. This is the complexity that is crushing business today.

How Can Workspot Help You Get There?

Workspot provides THE cloud-native DaaS solution to help you ensure future readiness and enable your business to advance. I would challenge our future customers to look at modernizing their desktop virtualization solution with a new perspective. Our customers go from suffocating under the weight of their legacy desktop / VDI solution, to now being able to breathe and concentrate on new strategic tasks of IT that enable the business to adapt more quickly to change, and capture the opportunities that present themselves. Why? Because Workspot takes the weight of IT complexity and applies the concept of vuja de by handling all of the blocks in orange for you:

Those of you with an on-premises desktop virtualization solution or who have thought about moving your organization’s desktop workload to the cloud should experience vuja de. Take another look at the solution that is helping customers deliver on the three pillars of flexibility, responsiveness, and proactivity.

So what does this modernization journey look like? It varies with each customer, but the overall process follows the same path. We see three modernization scenarios playing out today:

The Go-Live Deployment Services mentioned above are included in the subscription price. We don’t just hand you a manual and send you off to do this yourself. We build a true partnership with our customers and guide them on their custom journey to delivering Cloud PCs. We remain engaged and ready to assist, even long after the solution has been rolled out into production.

So how do you get started with us? Schedule a demo!